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Music influenced by, but not limited to, NES sounds.

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The Sounds of the 2A03

You might be wondering, "What exactly is a 2A03 anyways?". It is a customized 6502 CPU with sound synthesis built-in, and was first heard by the Japanese public in 1983 with the release of Nintendo's "Family Computer", or Famicom. It spread to America in 1985, and eventually to Europe and the rest of the world. It has a unique sound; you'll never hear anything exactly like it coming from any other presently-existing synthesizer, other than maybe the NES-on-a-chip that's used in the Tri-Star and various other NES-clone systems.

Here is a basic list of the abilities and limitations of the 2A03 sound synthesizer: Musicians may have stopped writing music commercially with the 2A03 since Nintendo discontinued the NES around 1993, but with recent developments in the reverse engineering of the NES and emulation as a result, anyone can learn how to work their will unto the NES. A generation that grew up playing games on the NES may now want to try to express themselves through the NES.

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