This section contains tools and code that you can download from this site and use in your own projects.

Useful Tools

A quick search of the Internet yielded several 6502 macro assemblers of varying degrees of quality. The one that I use was developed by Frank Vorstenbosch and creates binary output files for ROMs that work perfectly in the pcBBC emulator. Its also completely free. A very good 6502 (and 65SC02) assembler, ideal for writing BBC Microcomputer ROMs.

Unfortunately Windows XP service pack 2 removed support for 16-bit MSDOS applications. I persuaded Frank to port he's assembler to Win 32 and you can down it (and others from here).

I have also been coding my own portable assembler development package based on Java. JAVA based 6502/65C02/65816 Relocatable Macro Assembler and Linker.

Source Code

Here are some 6502 assembly files that I've developed as part of my own projects. This first set of files are operating system independent and have some support for the 65SC02 processor. Various general purpose algorithms (e.g. arithmetic, memory, etc.) coded in the form of macros so that they can be used either inline or expanded as subroutines. It has not been thoroughly debugged yet and some routines are missing.

The following source files are useful for developing BBC Microcomputer applications or ROMs. Symbol definitions for all the standard vector locations and operating system entry points. A useful debugging routine that prints all the registers and status flags.

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This page was last updated on 5th October 2007