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The NES CPU core is based on the 6502 processor and runs at approximately 1.79 MHz (1.66 MHz in a PAL NES). It is made by Ricoh and lacks the MOS6502's decimal mode. In the NTSC NES, the RP2A03 chip contains the CPU and APU; in the PAL NES, the CPU and APU are contained within the RP2A07 chip.



The CPU generates its clock signal by dividing the master clock signal.

Rate NTSC NES/Famicom PAL NES Dendy
Color subcarrier frequency fsc (exact) 3579545.45 Hz (315/88 MHz) 4433618.75 Hz 4433618.75 Hz
Color subcarrier frequency fsc (approx.) 3.579545 MHz 4.433619 MHz 4.433619 MHz
Master clock frequency 6fsc 21.477272 MHz 26.601712 MHz 26.601712 MHz
Clock divisor d 12 16 15
CPU clock frequency 6fsc/d 1.789773 MHz (~559 ns per cycle) 1.662607 MHz (~601 ns per cycle) 1.773448 MHz (~564 ns per cycle)

* The vast majority of PAL famiclones use a chipset or NOAC with this timing. A small number have UMC UA6540+6541, which also uses PAL NES timing.[1]


  • All illegal 6502 opcodes execute identically on the 2A03/2A07.
  • Every cycle on 6502 is either a read or a write cycle.
  • A printer friendly version covering all section is available here.
  • Emulator authors may wish to emulate the NTSC NES/Famicom CPU at 21441960 Hz ((341×262−0.5)×4×60) to ensure a synchronised/stable 60 frames per second.[2]

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