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This programming guide is the complement to the NES reference guide. You will find more in-depth documentation about specific topics, tutorials on the most common problems encountered, a list of existing tools that will assist you during you development phase and more. If you're new to NES development, you should give a look to the "getting started" section first.

Getting started

General reference


Libraries and samples








Reverse engineered techniques

Useful reference materials


  • Cady, Fredrick M. (1997). Microcontrollers and Microcomputers: Principles of Software and Hardware Engineering. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-511008-0.
  • Eyes, David; Lichty, Ron (1986). Programming the 65816 including the 6502, 65C02, and 65802. New York: Brady Books/Prentice Hall Press (Simon & Schuster, Inc). ISBN 0-89303-789-3. Rights later purchased by Western Design Center.
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  • Programming the 65816 (including the 6502, 65C02, and 65802) by Western Design Center
    1. Programmingthe65816_ProgManual.pdf — 54MBytes, created 2015/03/27.
      • This is a full scan of the original Eyes/Lichty book using full images for each page, with the added bonus of OCR being applied so that text is searchable and copy-paste-able. Accurate/reliable given the nature of the scan.
    2. Programmanual.pdf (a.k.a. WDC65C816_Program_Manual.pdf) — 1.7MBytes, created 2007/04/16.
      • This is a "pure text" version of the Eyes/Lichty book, however it is rife with very dangerous typos (wrong opcodes, etc.) in many areas, and contains a large number of formatting/layout mistakes not present in the original book. Bill Mensch (6502/65C02/65816 architect/designer) confirmed these mistakes, stating WDC is in the process of fixing them. If at all possible, use the newer PDF mentioned above.
      • It is suspected that WDC has pulled this PDF entirely from their website, instead advocating purchasing a "redone" version of the Lichty/Eyes book via Amazon. Kindle and paperback versions are available, but I (Koitsu) have not reviewed it.