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Ramses Game is a homebrew whose gameplay is based loosely on a Dragon Quest 5 (DS) minigame called Slime Smack.


  • Project owner: MetalSlime (aka tummai)
  • Developer: MetalSlime
  • "Artist": MetalSlime
  • Music: MetalSlime
  • Compiler : CA65
  • Mapper: UNROM (may be downgraded)
  • Started on: ~July 09
  • Current status: making progress
  • Expected date: January 2012
  • Will make cart: Yes, if possible!


Ramses (the hero) was kidnapped from his home by space pirates and sold at a slave auction in the Artajian system to a cruel master named Bonehammer. Now he finds himself on a monster-infested planet, trapped in a strange prison with a bomb strapped to his chest. He sees a hammer in the corner of the room. Curious, he picks up the hammer and the game for his life begins…


Ramses Game is based on a Dragon Quest 5 (DS) minigame called Slime Smack, which is basically a touch-pen Whack-a-mole game with slimes. There is a game board with several holes. Monsters come out of the holes and you have to whack them in a specific order before the timer runs out.

The NES doesn't have a touch-pen, so each hole is assigned a button combination (up+A, down+A, left+A, right+A, etc). Pressing a combination whacks the corresponding hole.


  • Ramses - good guy
  • Bonehammer - not so good guy


Ramses Game will have several different monster types with different stats and speeds, requiring the player to do some quick-thinking problem solving to whack them all in the correct sequence before time runs out.

If I can figure out a good way to work them in, I'd like to have bosses too.


Coming soon

Video Journal

These youtube videos will track the game's progress from start to finish.

Current status


  • Button-combos work. Holes get whacked.
  • Random sequences show up at the top of the game board.
  • Sound engine is in.
  • Monsters populate open holes randomly in RAM.
  • Monsters appear in holes. Whacking hurts and kills them
  • Scripts and animation.
  • Music
  • *NEW*: Multiple levels
  • *NEW*: Stat screen
  • *NEW*: Score/points
  • *NEW*: Background art.

Next up: Boss battles.

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