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This is a list of North American NES releases, along with their cartridge board and rarity. It could be useful if you seek donor carts with a particular board. The rarity data is way outdated; look at a recent newsletter for more current information. The board data is also outdated compared to NesCartDB; feel free to discuss solutions on the talk page.

Name Maker Rarity Board
10 Yard Fight Nintendo E NROM
1050 in 1 (Japan) Supervision A+ NES_2.0_Mapper_354
110 in 1 (Canada?) Supervision
1942 Capcom C+ NROM
1943 Capcom C+ UNROM
6 in 1 Caltron A
720 Mindscape C SGROM
8 Eyes Taxan C- TLROM
A Boy and His Blob Absolute C SLROM
Abadox Milton Bradley C SLROM
Action 52 Active Enterprises A 023-N507
Addams Family Ocean B SLROM
Adv of Bayou Billy Konami C- SLROM
Adv of Dino Riki Hudson C CNROM
Adv of Lolo HAL C+ SEROM
Adv of Lolo 2 HAL B- TEROM
Adv of Lolo 3 HAL B+ SLROM
Adv of Tom Saywer Seta B SLROM
Adventure Island Hudson D CNROM
Adventure Island 2 Hudson B- TLROM
Adventure Island 3 Hudson B TLROM
After Burner Tengen C+ 800042-01
Air Fortress HAL C SJROM
Airwolf Acclaim C SHROM
Al Unser Racing Data East C SKROM
Aladdin Deck Enhancer Camerica A+
Alfred Chicken Mindscape B+ UNROM
Alien 3 LJN B+ 55741
Alien Syndrome Tengen C+
All Pro Basketball Vic Tokai C SLROM
Alpha Mission SNK C CNROM
Amagon American Sammy C UNROM
American Gladiators Gametek B- SLROM
Anticipation Nintendo C SEROM
Arch Rivals Acclaim C AMROM
Archon Activision B UNROM
Arkanoid Taito B+ CNROM
Arkanoid Controller Taito A
Arkistas Ring American Sammy B CNROM
Astyanax Jaleco C TLROM
Athletic World Bandai B- CNROM
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes T*HQ B- SLROM
Baby Boomer Color Dreams B-
Back to the Future LJN D CNROM
Back to the Future 2 & 3 LJN C SLROM
Bad Dudes Data East C TLROM
Bad News Baseball Tecmo B SLROM
Bad Street Brawler Mattel C SGROM
Balloon Fight Nintendo C NROM
Bandit Kings/China Koei B- ETROM
Barbie Hi Tech B SLROM
Bard's Tale FCI B- SNROM
Base Wars Ultra C TKROM
Baseball Nintendo E NROM
Baseball Simulator Culture Brain C+ SKROM
Baseball Stars SNK C+ SKROM
Baseball Stars 2 Romstar B+ TKROM
Bases Loaded Jaleco E SFROM
Bases Loaded 2 Jaleco D SL3ROM
Bases Loaded 3 Jaleco C TLROM
Bases Loaded 4 Jaleco C+ TLROM
Batman Sunsoft D NES_B4
Batman Return/Joker Sunsoft B- NES_BTR
Batman Returns Konami B+ TLROM
Battle Chess Data East B+ SKROM
Battle of Olympus Broderbund C SGROM
Battle Tank Absolute B CNROM
Battle Toads Tradewest D AOROM
Battle Toads & Double Dragon Tradewest B+ AOROM
Battleship Mindscape B CNROM
Bee 52 Camerica B+
Beetlejuice LJN C+ AMROM
Best of the Best Electro Brain B+ UOROM
Bible Adventures Wisdom Tree B+
Bible Adventures (blue label) Wisdom Tree B+
Bible Buffet Wisdom Tree B+
Big Bird Hide & Speak Hi Tech B SLROM
Big Foot Acclaim B- SLROM
Big Nose Freaks Out Camerica A
Big Nose Freaks Out (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+
Big Nose the Caveman Camerica B
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure LJN C+ SLROM
Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge Konami C+ TSROM
Bionic Commando Capcom C SGROM
Black Bass Hot B B UNROM
Blackjack American Video A-
Blades of Steel Konami D UNROM
Blaster Master Sunsoft D SL2ROM
Blue Marlin Hot B B+ TLROM
Blues Brothers Titus B UNROM
Bo Jackson Baseball Data East C+ TSROM
Bomberman Hudson C NROM
Bomberman 2 Hudson B SNROM
Bonks Adventure Hudson B+ TLROM
Boulder Dash JVC B+ SEROM
Break Time FCI B+ SFROM
Breakthru Data East C (SLROM)
Bubble Bath Babes Panesian A+
Bubble Bobble Taito D SFROM
Bubble Bobble 2 Taito B TLROM
Bucky O'Hare Konami B TLROM
Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout Kemco B TSROM
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle Kemco B+ SBROM
Bump & Jump Vic Tokai B- CNROM
Burai Fighter Taxan B- TEROM
Burger Time Data East B- NROM
Cabal Milton Bradley C AMROM
Caesars Palace Virgin B UNROM
California Games Milton Bradley C UNROM
Captain America Data East B TLROM
Captain Comic Color Dreams B
Captain Planet Mindscape B TLROM
Captain Skyhawk Milton Bradley C AMROM
Casino Kid Sofel C+ UNROM
Casino Kid 2 Sofel B+ UNROM
Castelian Triffix B UNROM
Castle of Deceit Bunch Games B
Castle of Dragon Seta B UNROM
Castlequest Nexoft B CNROM
Castlevania Konami E UNROM
Castlevania 2 Konami D SLROM
Castlevania 3 Konami C- ELROM
Caveman Games Data East B- SLROM
Challenge of the Dragon Color Dreams B
Championship Bowling Romstar B CNROM
Championship Pool Mindscape B+ UNROM
Cheetahman II Active Enterprises A
Chessmaster Hi Tech B SJROM
Chiller American Game Carts Inc B+
Chubby Cherub Bandai B NROM
Circus Caper Toho B SLROM
City Connection Jaleco B CNROM
Clash at Demonhead Vic Tokai B- SLROM
Classic Concentration Gametek B- UNROM
Cliffhanger Imagesoft B TLROM
Clu Clu Land Nintendo B- NES_RROM
Cobra Command Data East C SLROM
Cobra Triangle Nintendo B- ANROM
Codename Viper Capcom C TLROM
Color A Dinosaur Virgin A- UNROM
Commando Capcom C UNROM
Conan Mindscape B UNROM
Conflict Vic Tokai C+ SKROM
Conquest Crystal Palace Asmik C+ TLROM
Contra Konami E UNROM
Contra Force Konami B TLROM
Cool World Ocean B SLROM
Cowboy Kid Romstar A- TLROM
Crash & the Boys Street Challange American Technos B TLROM
Crash Dummies LJN B 55741
Crystal Mines Color Dreams B+
Crystalis SNK C TKROM
Cyberball Jaleco B TLROM
Cybernoid Acclaim C CNROM
Dance Aerobics Nintendo C+ SBROM
Darkman Ocean B SLROM
Darkwing Duck Capcom B+ SLROM
Dash Galaxy Data East C CNROM
Day Dreamin' Davey HAL B+ SLROM
Days of Thunder Mindscape C+ TLROM
Deadly Towers Broderbund C+ BNROM
Death Race American Game Carts Inc B+
Deathbots American Video B+
Defender 2 HAL B NROM
Defender of the Crown Ultra C+ SGROM
Defenders of Dynacron City JVC B TLROM
Deja Vu Kemco C+ TKROM
Demon Sword Taito C+ SL1ROM
Desert Commander Kemco C- SKROM
Destination Earthstar Acclaim C CNROM
Destiny/Emporer Capcom B- SNROM
Dick Tracy Bandai C+ UNROM
Die Hard Activision B+ SLROM
Dig Dug 2 Bandai B NROM
Digger Milton Bradley B+ AMROM
Dirty Harry Mindscape C+ TLROM
Disney Adventure Capcom B SLROM
Dizzy the Adventurer (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+
Donkey Kong Nintendo B- NROM
Donkey Kong 3 Nintendo B- NROM
Donkey Kong Classics Nintendo B- CNROM
Donkey Kong Jr Nintendo B- NROM
Donkey Kong Jr Math Nintendo A- NROM
Double Dare Gametek B AOROM
Double Dragon Tradewest E SLROM
Double Dragon 2 Acclaim D TL1ROM
Double Dragon 3 Acclaim C+ TLROM
Double Dribble Konami D UNROM
Double Strike American Video B+
Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde Bandai C+ SFROM (SFDOROM)
Dr. Mario Nintendo D SEROM
Dracula Imagesoft B TSROM
Dragon Fighter Sofel B SLROM
Dragon Power Bandai C GNROM
Dragon Spirit Bandai B TLROM
Dragon Strike FCI C TLROM
Dragon Warrior Nintendo E SAROM
Dragon Warrior 2 Enix C+ SNROM
Dragon Warrior 3 Enix B+ SUROM
Dragon Warrior 4 Enix B SUROM
Dragon's Lair Imagesoft B UNROM
Duck Hunt Nintendo F NROM
Duck Tales Capcom C+ UNROM
Duck Tales 2 Capcom B+ UNROM
Dudes with Attitude American Video B+
Dungeon Magic Taito C SKROM
Dusty Diamond All Star Softball Broderbund B- SLROM
Dyno Warz Bandai C+ SLROM
Elevator Action Taito B- NROM
Eliminator Boat Duel Electro Brain C+ SLROM
Empire Strikes Back JVC B TLROM
Excitebike Nintendo E NROM
Exodus Wisdom Tree B+
F 117 Stealth Microprose B+ TLROM
F 15 City War American Video B
F 15 Strike Eagle Microprose B+ TLROM
F1 Built to Win Seta B+ SKROM
Family Feud Gametek B+ SHROM
Fantastic Adv Dizzy (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Camerica B-
Fantasy Zone Tengen C
Faria Nexoft B+ SKROM
Fast Break Tradewest C SCROM
Faxanadu Nintendo C- SGROM
Felix the Cat Hudson B+ TSROM
Ferrari Grand Prix Acclaim B SLROM
Fester's Quest Sunsoft C SLROM
Fighting Golf SNK C SLROM
Final Fantasy Nintendo C+ SNROM
Fire & Ice Tecmo A- TLROM
Fire Hawk Camerica B
Firehouse Rescue Gametek B CNROM
Fist of the North Star Taxan C+ UNROM
Flight of the Intruder Mindscape B UNROM
Flintstones Taito C+ TLROM
Flintstones 2 Taito A+
Flying Dragon Culture Brain C UNROM
Flying Warriors Culture Brain C SLROM
Frankenstein Bandai B+ SLRROM
Freedom Force Sunsoft D SLROM
Friday The 13th LJN C- CNROM
Fun House Hi Tech B+ UNROM
G I Joe Taxan B+ TLROM
G I Joe Atlantis Factor Capcom C+ TLROM
Galactic Crusader Bunch Games B
Galaga Bandai B NROM
Galaxy 5000 Activision A- TLROM
Game Action Replay STD A-
Game Genie Galoob D
Gargoyle's Quest 2 Capcom B+ TLROM
Gauntlet (licensed) Tengen C DRROM
Gauntlet (unlicensed) Tengen C
Gauntlet 2 Mindscape C TSROM
Gemfire Koei B- EKROM
Genghis Kahn Koei C+ SOROM
George Forman Acclaim B 55741
Ghost & Goblins Capcom C UNROM
Ghost Lion Kemco B SKROM
Ghostbusters Activision B- CNROM
Ghostbusters 2 Activision B SLROM
Ghoul School Electro Brain B- SLROM
Gilligans Island Bandai B+ UNROM
Goal Jaleco D SL3ROM
Goal 2 Jaleco B- TLSROM
Godzilla Toho C+ SLROM
Godzilla 2 Toho B SLROM
Gold Metal Challenge Capcom B+ TKROM
Golf Nintendo E NROM
Golf Grand Slam Atlus B+ SLROM
Golf Power Virgin B+ SNROM
Golgo 13 Top Secret Episode Vic Tokai D SLROM
Goonies 2 Konami C+ 351258
Gradius Konami C- CNROM
Great Waldo Search T*HQ B- SLROM
Gremlins 2 Sunsoft B- TLROM
Guardian Legend Broderbund C+ UNROM
Guerrilla War SNK C SLROM
Gum Shoe Nintendo C+ GNROM
Gun Nac Ascii B TLROM
Gunsmoke Capcom B- UNROM
Gyromite Nintendo E NROM
Gyruss Ultra C+ CNROM
Harlem Globetrotters Gametek B SLROM
Hatris Bullet Proof A SNROM
Heavy Barrel Data East C TLROM
Heavy Shreddin' Parker Brothers B- SLROM
Heroes of the Lance FCI C SKROM
High Speed Tradewest B- TQROM
Hillsfar FCI B SNROM
Hogan's Alley Nintendo D NROM
Hollywood Squares Gametek B+ UNROM
Home Alone T*HQ B- TSROM
Home Alone 2 T*HQ B- TLROM
Hook Imagesoft B SLROM
Hoops Jaleco D SLROM
Hot Slots Panesian A+
Hudson Hawk Imagesoft B SLROM
Hunt for Red October Hi Tech C TLROM
Hydlide FCI D NROM
I Can Remember Gametek B CNROM
Ice Climber Nintendo C+ NROM
Ice Hockey Nintendo D NROM
Ikari Warriors SNK C- UNROM
Ikari Warriors 2 SNK C- SGROM
Ikari Warriors 3 SNK B- SLROM
Image Fight Irem B TSROM
Immortal Electronic Arts B TLROM
Impossible Mission 2 American Video A-
Impossible Mission 2 SEI B+
Indiana Jones Last Crusade UBI Soft B+ UNROM
Indiana Jones Last Crusade Taito B+ SGROM
Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Tengen B-
Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Mindscape C TFROM
Indy Heat Tradewest B AMROM
Infiltrator Mindscape B TLROM
Isolated Warrior NTVIC B TLROM
Jack Nicklaus Golf Konami B- 351258
Jackal Konami C UNROM
Jackie Chan Kung Fu Hudson B TLROM
James Bond Jr T*HQ B- TLROM
Jeopardy Gametek C AOROM
Jeopardy 25th Anniversary Gametek C+ ANROM
Jeopardy Jr Gametek C ANROM
Jeopardy Super Gametek B SLROM
Jetsons Taito B+ TLROM
Jimmy Connors Tennis UBI Soft B+ UNROM
Joe & Mac Data East B+ TLROM
Jordan vs. Bird Milton Bradley C UNROM
Joshua Wisdom Tree B+
Journey to Silius Sunsoft C+ SLROM
Jungle Book Virgin A- TLROM
Jurassic Park Ocean B TSROM
Karate Champ Data East C CNROM
Karate Kid LJN C CNROM
Karnov Data East C DEIROM
Kick Master Taito C+ TLROM
Kickle Cubicle Irem B+ TLROM
Kid Icarus Nintendo C- SNROM
Kid Klown Kemco B TSROM
Kid Kool Vic Tokai C+ UNROM
Kid Niki Data East C SGROM
King Neptune's Adventure Color Dreams B+
King of Kings Wisdom Tree B+
King of Kings (cartoon mule) Wisdom Tree B+
King of the Ring Acclaim B+ 55741
Kings Knight Square C+ CNROM
Kings of the Beach Ultra C CNROM
Kings Quest 5 Konami B+ TSROM
Kirbys Adventure Nintendo B- TKROM
Kiwi Kraze Taito B+ TLROM
Klash Ball Sofel B- UNROM
Klax Tengen B+
Knight Rider Acclaim B- SCIROM
Krazy Kreatures American Video B+
Krion Conquest Vic Tokai B TLROM
Krusty's Fun House Acclaim C+ TLROM
Kung Fu Nintendo E NROM
Kung Fu Heroes Culture Brain C CNROM
L'Empereur Koei B ETROM
Laser Invasion Konami B- ELROM
Last Action Hero Imagesoft B+ TLROM
Last Ninja Jaleco B- TLROM
Last Starfighter Mindscape C+ CNROM
Legacy/Wizard Broderbund C TFROM
Legend of Kage Taito C- CNROM
Legendary Wings Capcom B UNROM
Legends/Diamond Bandai B+ TLROM
Lemmings Sunsoft B- SLROM
Lethal Weapon Ocean B SLROM
Life Force Konami C 351258
Linus Spacehead Camerica B
Linus Spacehead (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+
Little League Baseball SNK B- SLROM
Little Mermaid Capcom B UNROM
Little Nemo Capcom B+ TLROM
Little Ninja Brothers Culture Brain C TLROM
Little Sampson Taito B TLROM
Lode Runner Broderbund B NROM
Lone Ranger Konami B- TLROM
Loopz Mindscape B+ UNROM
Low G Man Taxan C TLROM
Lunar Pool FCI C+ NROM
M C Kids Virgin C+ TSROM
M.U.L.E. Mindscape C+ SNROM
Mach Rider Nintendo C- NROM
Mad Max Mindscape C+ TLROM
Mafat Conspiracy Vic Tokai C TLROM
Magic Darts Romstar B SLRROM
Magic of Scheherazade Culture Brain C- SLROM
Magician Taxan A- TKROM
Magmax FCI C- NROM
Major League Baseball LJN E CNROM
Maniac Mansion Jaleco C+ SNROM
Mappyland Taxan C+ TFROM
Marble Madness Milton Bradley C+ ANROM
Mario Brothers Nintendo B- NROM
Mario Is Missing Mindscape B TLROM
Mario Time Machine Mindscape A- TLROM
Marvel's X-Men LJN B- UNROM
Master Chu & the Drunkard Hu Color Dreams B
Maxi 15 American Video A
Mechanized Attack SNK C SCROM
Mega Man Capcom B- UNROM
Mega Man 2 Capcom C SGROM
Mega Man 3 Capcom C TLROM
Mega Man 4 Capcom B- TGROM
Mega Man 5 Capcom B TLROM
Mega Man 6 Nintendo B+ TGROM
Menace Beach Color Dreams A-
Mendel Palace Hudson B TLROM
Mermaids of Atlantis American Video B+
Metal Fighter Color Dreams B
Metal Gear Ultra D UNROM
Metal Mech Jaleco B- SLROM
Metal Storm Irem B+ TLROM
Metroid Nintendo D SNROM
Michael Andretti World GP American Sammy B- TLROM
Mickey Mousecapade Capcom C+ CNROM
Mickey Numbers Hi Tech B+ TLROM
Mickey's Safari in Letterland Hi Tech B+ 55741
Micro Machines Camerica A-
Micro Machines (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+
Mig 29 Camerica C+
Might & Magic American Sammy B+ TKROM
Mighty Bombjack Tecmo B CNROM
Mighty Final Fight Capcom B+ TLROM
Mike Tyson's Punch Out Nintendo D PNROM
Millipede HAL B NROM
Milon's Secret Castle Hudson C CNROM
Miracle Piano Mindscape A- SJROM
Mission Cobra Bunch Games A-
Mission Impossible Ultra C+ 352026
Monopoly Parker Brothers B- SLROM
Monster in my Pocket Konami B+ TLROM
Monster Party Bandai B SLROM
Monster Truck Rally INTV B CNROM
Moon Ranger Bunch Games C
Motor City Patrol Matchbox C+ SLROM
Ms. Pacman Namco A NROM
Ms. Pacman Tengen B+
Muppet Adventure Hi Tech B SGROM
Muscle Bandai B- NROM
Mutant Virus American Software B+ SLROM
Mystery Quest Taxan C+ CNROM
NES Open Golf Nintendo B- SNROM
Nigel Mansell Gametek B+ SLROM
Nightmare on Elm Street LJN B AMROM
Nightshade Ultra C+ TLROM
Ninja Crusaders American Sammy B TGROM
Ninja Gaiden Tecmo E SLROM
Ninja Gaiden 2 Tecmo C- TLROM
Ninja Gaiden 3 Tecmo C+ TLROM
Ninja Kid Bandai C+ CNROM
Nombunagas Ambition Koei C SOROM
Nombunagas Ambition 2 Koei B ETROM
North & South Kemco B+ TSROM
Operation Secret Storm Color Dreams A
Operation Wolf Taito D SLROM
Othello Acclaim C NROM
Overlord Virgin B- SN1
P'radikus Conflict Color Dreams B
Pac Man Namco A 56504
Pac Man (licensed) Tengen B- NROM
Pac Man (unlicensed) Tengen B-
Pac Mania Tengen A
Palamedes Hot B B+ SEROM
Panic Resturant Taito B TLROM
Paperboy Mindscape C CNROM
Paperboy 2 Mindscape B UOROM
Parodius (England) Palcom
Pebble Beach Golf Bandai C+ CNROM
Peek A Boo Poker Panesian A+
Perfect Fit Gametek B CNROM
Pesterminator Color Dreams B
Peter Pan & the Pirates T*HQ B- SFROM
Phantom Fighter FCI C+ SGROM
Pictionary LJN B- SLROM
Pinball Nintendo D NROM
Pinball Quest Jaleco B SLROM
Pinbot Nintendo B TQROM
Pipe Dream Bullet Proof B CNROM
Pirates Ultra B SKROM
Platoon Sunsoft D SLROM
Play Action Football Nintendo D TLSROM
Pool of Radiance FCI B+ TKROM
Popeye Nintendo B- NROM
Power Blade Taito B- TLROM
Power Blade 2 Taito B- TLROM
Power Punch 2 American Softworks B TLROM
Predator Activision C+ SLROM
Prince of Persia Virgin C+ UNROM
Princess Tomato Hudson B+ SGROM
Pro Am Nintendo D SEROM
Pro Am 2 Tradewest B AOROM
Pro Sport Hockey Jaleco B+ TLSROM
Pro Wrestling Nintendo D UNROM
Puggsly's Scavenger Hunt Ocean B SLROM
Punch Out Nintendo C+ PNROM
Punisher LJN B TLROM
Puss N Boots Electro Brain B- UNROM
Puzzle American Video A-
Puzznic Taito B+ CNROM
Pyramid American Video A-
Q*Bert Ultra B- CNROM
Qix Taito A SNROM
Quantum Fighter HAL B TLROM
Quarterback Tradewest D CNROM
Quattro Adventure Camerica B+
Quattro Adventure (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+
Quattro Arcade Camerica A-
Quattro Sports Camerica B
Quattro Sports (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+
Race America Absolute B+ SLROM
Racket Attack Jaleco C- SLROM
Rad Gravity Activision B- SLROM
Rad Racer Nintendo D SGROM
Rad Racer 2 Square B- TVROM
Rad Racket American Video A-
Raid 2020 Color Dreams B
Raid on Bungling Bay Broderbund B NROM
Rainbow Island Taito B+ UNROM
Rally Bike Romstar B UNROM
Rambo Acclaim E UNROM
Rampage Data East C+ TFROM
Rampart Jaleco B TLROM
RBI Baseball (licensed) Tengen C+ DEROM
RBI Baseball (unlicensed) Tengen C
RBI Baseball 2 Tengen C+
RBI Baseball 3 Tengen B-
Remote Control Hi Tech C SLROM
Ren + Stimpy Buckaroos T*HQ B- TLROM
Renegade Taito C- UNROM
Rescue Kemco C- SLROM
Rescue Rangers Capcom C+ SLROM
Rescue Rangers 2 Capcom B+ SLROM
Ring King Data East C DEROM
River City Ransom American Technos C TLROM
Road Blasters Mindscape C+ SLROM
Road Runner Tengen B+
Robin Hood Virgin C+ SGROM
Robo Cop Data East C TL1ROM
Robo Cop 2 Data East B- SLROM
Robo Cop 3 Ocean B SLROM
Robo Demons Color Dreams B
Robo Warrior Jaleco B UNROM
Rocket Ranger Kemco B- SGROM
Rocketeer Bandai B- SGROM
Rockin Kats Atlus B+ TLROM
Rocky & Bullwinkle T*HQ B- TLROM
Roger Clemens LJN C 53361
Roller Games Ultra B- TLROM
Rollerball HAL B SFROM
Rollerblade Racer Hi Tech B 53361
Rolling Thunder Tengen C+
Romance/3 Kingdoms Koei C SOROM
Romance/3 Kingdoms 2 Koei B EWROM
Roundball Mindscape B- TSROM
Rush N Attack Konami D UNROM
Rygar Tecmo C UNROM
Secret Scout Color Dreams A
Section Z Capcom C UNROM
Seicross FCI D NROM
Sesame Street 1-2-3 Hi Tech C+ SEROM (SCROROM)
Sesame Street 123/ABC Hi Tech B SLROM
Sesame Street A-B-C Hi Tech C+ SEROM
Sesame Street Countdown Hi Tech A- SLROM
Shadow of the Ninja Natsume B TLROM
Shadowgate Kemco C+ TKROM
Shatterhand Jaleco B- TLROM
Shingen the Ruler Hot B C SNROM
Shinobi Tengen C+
Shockwave American Game Carts Inc B
Shooting Range Bandai B CNROM
Short Order/Eggsplode Nintendo B+ SBROM
Side Pocket Data East B UNROM
Silent Assault Color Dreams B
Silent Service Ultra C- 351258
Silk Worm American Sammy C SLROM
Silver Surfer Arcadia B TSROM
Simpsons Bart Meets Radioactive Man Acclaim B+ 55741
Simpsons Bart Vs Space Mutants Acclaim D SLROM
Simpsons Bart Vs World Acclaim B- 53361
Skate or Die Ultra D 351258
Skate or Die 2 Electronic Arts B SLROM
Ski or Die Ultra B- 351908
Skull & Crossbones Tengen B
Sky Kid Sunsoft B- SCEOROM
Sky Shark Taito D SL1ROM
Slalom Nintendo B- NROM
Smash TV Acclaim C+ 51555
Snake Rattle & Roll Nintendo C+ SEROM
Snakes Revenge Ultra C SLROM
Snoopy Silly Sports Kemco B+ SLROM
Snow Brothers Capcom B SLROM
Soccer Nintendo D NROM
Solar Jetman Tradewest C AOROM
Solitaire American Video A-
Soloman's Key Tecmo C+ CNROM
Solstice Imagesoft C ANROM
Space Shuttle Absolute B+ SGROM
Spelunker Broderbund C+ NROM
Spiderman LJN B- 53361
Spiritual Warfare Wisdom Tree B+
Spot Arcadia B- SNROM
Spy Hunter Sunsoft C CNROM
Spy vs. Spy Kemco B- NROM
Sqoon Irem B+ NROM
Stack Up Nintendo A- HVC
Stadium Events Bandai B
Stanley Electro Brain B TLROM
Star Force Tecmo C+ CNROM
Star Soldier Taxan C- CNROM
Star Trek 25th Anniversary Ultra B TLROM
Star Trek: The Next Generation Absolute A- UNROM
Star Tropics Nintendo C- HKROM
Star Voyager Acclaim C+ CNROM
Starship Hector Hudson B- UNROM
Stealth ATF Activision C+ SLROM
Stinger Konami B- UNROM
Street Cop Bandai A- SLROM
Street Fighter 2010 Capcom B TLROM
Strider Capcom C SGROM
Stunt Kids Camerica A-
Sunday Funday Wisdom Tree B+
Super C Konami C 352026
Super Cars Electro Brain B+ UNROM
Super Dodge Ball Imagesoft C SLROM
Super Glove Ball Mattel C UNROM
Super Mario Brothers Nintendo F NROM
Super Mario Brothers 2 Nintendo D TSROM
Super Mario Brothers 3 Nintendo D TSROM
Super Mario/Duck Hunt Nintendo F MH
Super Mario/Duck Hunt/Track Meet Nintendo C COB
Super Off Road Tradewest C- AMROM
Super Pitfall Activision C+ UNROM
Super Spike V'Ball Nintendo C- TLROM
Super Spike/World Cup Nintendo B- COB
Super Sprint Tengen C COB
Super Spy Hunter Sunsoft B+ TLROM
Super Team Games Nintendo C- CNROM
Superman Kemco B+ SLROM
Swamp Thing T*HQ C+ SLROM
Sword Master Activision A- TLROM
Swords & Serpents Acclaim B+ UNROM
T&C Surf Design LJN E CNROM
Taboo Tradewest C+ SEROM
Tag Team Wrestling Data East C NROM
Taggin Dragon Bunch Games B
Talespin Capcom B SLROM
Target Renegade Taito C+ SLROM
Tecmo Baseball Tecmo C SGROM
Tecmo Basketball Tecmo C+ TKROM
Tecmo Bowl Tecmo E SLROM
Tecmo Cup Soccer Tecmo B+ SLROM
Tecmo Super Bowl Tecmo C- TKROM
Tecmo Wrestling Tecmo C SLROM
Teenage Turtles Ultra E 351908
Teenage Turtles 2 Ultra D TLROM
Teenage Turtles 3 Konami B- TLROM
Teenage Turtles Tournament Fighters Konami B+ TLROM
Tennis Nintendo D NROM
Terminator Mindscape B+ TLROM
Terminator 2 Judgement Day LJN B- 53361
Terra Cresta Vic Tokai B+ UNROM
Tetris Tengen A- (CNROM compatible)
Tetris Nintendo D SEROM
Tetris 2 Nintendo B- TSROM
Three Stooges Activision C+ SLROM
Thrilla Safari LJN B 53361
Thunder & Lightning Romstar B+ GNROM
Thunderbirds Activision C+ SLROM
Thundercade American Sammy C+ UNROM
Tiger Heli Acclaim C+ CNROM
Tiles of Fate American Video B+
Time Lord Milton Bradley C AMROM
Times of Lore Toho B- UNROM
Tiny Toon Konami C+ TLROM
Tiny Toon Cartoon Workshop Konami B+ TSROM
Tiny Toons 2 Konami B+ TLROM
To The Earth Nintendo C+ TEROM
Toki Taito B+ TLROM
Tom & Jerry Hi Tech B+ TLROM
Tombs & Treasures Infocom A- SGROM
Toobin Tengen B
Top Gun Konami D 351298
Top Gun 2 Konami D 352026
Top Players Tennis Asmik C+ SLROM
Total Recall Acclaim D UNROM
Totally Rad Jaleco B- TLROM
Touchdown Fever SNK B+ SFROM
Toxic Crusader Bandai B TLROM
Track & Field Konami D CNROM
Track & Field 2 Konami D SLROM
Treasure Master American Softworks A- SLROM
Trick Shooting Nintendo C+ SCROM
Trog Acclaim B+ UNROM
Trojan Capcom C UNROM
Trolls on Treasure Island American Video A-
Twin Cobra American Sammy C+ TLROM
Twin Eagle Romstar C+ UNROM
Ultima/Exodus FCI C- SNROM
Ultima/Quest Avatar FCI B SNROM
Ultima/War Destiny FCI B+ SNROM
Ultimate Air Combat Activision B+ TLROM
Ultimate Basketball American Sammy C TLROM
Ultimate League Soccer American Video A-
Ultimate Stuntman Camerica C+
Uncharted Waters Koei B- ETROM
Uninvited Kemco B+ TKROM
Untouchables Ocean B- SLROM
Urban Champion Nintendo D NROM
Vegas Dream HAL B SKROM
Venice Beach Volleyball American Video A-
Vice Project Doom American Sammy C+ TLROM
Videomation T*HQ B+ CPROM
Vindicators Tengen C
Volleyball Nintendo C NROM
Wacky Races Atlus B+ TLROM
Wall Street Kid Sofel B UNROM
Wally Bear and the No Gang American Video A-
Wario Woods Nintendo B+ TKROM
Wayne Gretzky T*HQ C+ UNROM
Wayne's World T*HQ B TLROM
Werewolf Data East C TLROM
Wheel/Fortune Gametek C AOROM
Wheel/Fortune/Family Gametek C ANROM
Wheel/Fortune/Junior Gametek C ANROM
Wheel/Fortune/Vanna Gametek B AOROM
Where in Time is Carmen Konami B TSROM
Where's Waldo T*HQ C+ TSROM
Who Framed Roger Rabbit LJN B- ANROM
Whomp Em Jaleco B TLROM
Widget Atlus B TLROM
Wild Gunman Nintendo C NROM
Willow Capcom B- SLROM
Win Lose or Draw Hi Tech C SGROM
Winter Games Acclaim B- UNROM
Wizardry Nexoft C+ SKROM
Wizardry 2 Knight of Diamonds Ascii B+ TKROM
Wizards & Warriors Acclaim D ANROM
Wizards & Warriors 2 - Ironsword Acclaim D AOROM
Wizards & Warriors 3 Acclaim C- 54425
Wolverine LJN B- TLROM
World Champ Romstar B+ TLROM
World Championship Wrestling FCI D TLROM
World Class Track Meet Nintendo D CNROM
World Cup Soccer Nintendo C- TLROM
World Games Milton Bradley B- ANROM
World Runner 3D Acclaim C- UNROM
Wrath of the Black Manta Taito C+ SLROM
Wrecking Crew Nintendo C+ NROM
Wrestlemania Acclaim D ANROM
Wrestlemania Challenge LJN C- UNROM
Wrestlemania Steel Cage LJN C+ 53361
Wurm Asmik B- TLROM
Xenophobe Sunsoft B- SFROM
Xevious Bandai C+ NROM
Xexyz Hudson C+ SLROM
Yo Noid Capcom C+ SLROM
Yoshi Nintendo C- SFROM
Yoshi's Cookie Nintendo B- TFROM
Young Indy Jaleco B+ TLROM
Zelda Nintendo E SNROM
Zelda 2 Nintendo D SKROM
Zen Konami B TLROM
Zoda's Revenge, Startropics 2 Nintendo B- HKROM
Zombie Nation Meldac B TLROM