INES Mapper 044

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 Here are Disch's original notes:  
 =  Mapper 044          =
 Example Game:
 Super Big 7-in-1
 This mapper is an MMC3 based multicart.  The multicart selects a block of PRG and CHR depending on the
 selected game, and the MMC3 regs act as they normally would within the given block.  For info on MMC3, see
 mapper 004.
 Range,Mask:   $8000-FFFF, $E001
 All registers behave exactly like a normal MMC3, except for:
   $A001:  [EW.. .BBB]
     E,W = Same as on typical MMC3
     B = Block select
 Selecting block 7 is the same as selecting block 6.
 All blocks have 128k PRG and CHR... except for block 6 which has 256k PRG and CHR.  All MMC3 selected pages
 are chosen from the given block (including fixed pages).  This can be accomplished by ANDing the MMC3 regs
 with a given value, and ORing them with a value based on the current block:
   Block   PRG-AND   PRG-OR    CHR-AND   CHR-OR
     0       $0F      $00        $7F      $000
     1       $0F      $10        $7F      $080
     2       $0F      $20        $7F      $100
     3       $0F      $30        $7F      $180
     4       $0F      $40        $7F      $200
     5       $0F      $50        $7F      $280
    6,7      $1F      $60        $FF      $300
 Block 0 must be selected at powerup (and possibly reset?)