INES Mapper 049

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 Here are Disch's original notes:  
 =  Mapper 049          =
 Example Game:
 Super HIK 4-in-1
 Yet another MMC3 multicart.  For info on MMC3, see mapper 004.
 There is no PRG-RAM.  The multicart reg lies at $6000-7FFF, but is only writable when MMC3 PRG-RAM is enabled
 and writable (see $A001)
   $6000-7FFF:  [BBPP ...O]  Multicart reg
        B = Block
        P = 32k PRG Reg
        O = PRG Mode (0=32k mode)
   $8000-FFFF:  Same as MMC3 for selected block
 Each block is 128k PRG and 128k CHR
 PRG Setup:
   When the 'O' mode bit is clear, ordinary MMC3 PRG regs are ignored, and instead, 32k PRG page 'P' is swapped
 in at $8000.  When 'O' is set, 'P' is ignored, and MMC3 PRG regs work normally for the current block.
 $6000 set to 0 on powerup.