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This table was generated in trying to find the mythical VRC4f board. This is the union of all VRC2 and VRC4 in both Nestopia's DB and NesCartDB. The names of games in Nestopia but not in NesCartDB were found using GoodNES-3.1.4.

Game IC PCB iNES variant crc32
Mad City (prototype) not in nescartdb 23 2b AA9F9765
? not in nescartdb 25 4b F880E010
Pizza Pop Mario (unl) not in nescartdb 25 4d 7075BF5E
Goal!! not in nescartdb 25 4d D6D2E486
? not in nescartdb 23 4f 51392C01
Ganbare Pennant Race VRC2 351618 22 2a 90F6FA33
TwinBee 3 VRC2 351618 22 2a D7FABAC1
Contra VRC2 LROG009-00 23 2b B27B8CF4
Dragon Scroll VRC2 350603 23 2b AC9895CC
Ganbare Goemon 2 VRC2 350926 23 2b 0CC9FFEC
Getsufuu Maden VRC2 350636 23 2b 49123146
Jarinko Chie VRC2 351179 23 2b 39B68AA3
Wai Wai World VRC2 350926 23 2b 8A96E00D
Ganbare Goemon Gaiden VRC2 351948 25 2c EB92B32A
Wai Wai World 2 VRC4 352398 21 4a 8B03F74D
Gradius 2 VRC4 351406 25 4b 5ADBF660
Bio Miracle VRC4 351406 25 4b 6DC28B5A
Racer Mini Yonku VRC4 351406 25 4b F6271A51
Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2 VRC4 352889 21 4c 286FCD20
TMNT2 VRC4 352400 25 4d 490E8A4C
TMNT VRC4 352400 25 4d 4A601A2C
Tiny Toon Adventures VRC4 352396 23 4e 91328C1D
Akumajou Special VRC4 352396 23 4e C1FBF659
Parodius Da VRC4 352396 23 4e D467C0CC
Crisis Force VRC4 352396 23 4e FCBF28B1

It is plausible that "VRC4f" is supposed to be World Hero


do the "lower" two address lines for prg registers matter at all? like for vrc4a PRG Select 0, it looks like $8000/2/4/6 all do the same thing? versus say CHR selects where each address in the sets of four means a specific thing. If that's true can we add an explanation of that? As is it's not obvious why those four addresses are specified.