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A box containing the In NesCartDB category tag and 1 or more links to NesDB searches.

Single use:

{{nesdbbox|ines|1|iNES 001}}

Multi use:

|ines|1|iNES 001

The parameters are simply a batched set of nesdblink templates, documentation included below.

Template:Nesdblink Documentation

A simple template for creating links to Bootgod's NES Cart Database.


 | search type (ines/unif/unif_wild)
 | search parameter (number/board)
 | link text


1. {{nesdblink|ines|1|iNES 001}}
2. {{nesdblink|unif|NES-CNROM|NES-CNROM}}
3. {{nesdblink|unif_wild|CNROM|CNROM}}
4. {{nesdblink|unif_wild|-A%ROM|AxROM}} - this currently doesn't work since the migration to nescartdb
  1. Search by iNES mapper.
  2. Search by specific PCB name.
  3. Search for PCB name containing term.
  4. Use % as a wildcard to include multiple variations. (Here the - prefix is to match NES-AOROM and HVC-AOROM but exclude TAITO-CNROM.)