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"Myask": It is pronounced like "mask" except with the first sound of "meow"(miau), a ミャ. It's not "my ask".

I have used to some degree or other various BASICs, an assembly lang or two, Verilog, HDL, LOGO, some LISP[-family], various C-families. In addition to English, I know/have studied German, Japanese, and French.

I enjoy philosophy, theorycrafting and arcane details, most of the time. I find unofficial opcodes neat, and am still using hex editor(s) to program my NES projects.

I agree to license my non-userspace contributions to this wiki as public domain / WTFPL / CC0 / Unlicense.


Add pages for mappers: PPak implemented: 081 (not in Nintendulator, FCEUX), 161(not in Nintendulator, FCEUX) have added 229

Everdrive implemented: 212(in Nestopia only "BMC_SUPERHIK_300IN1 = MakeId< 212,") [off 174], have added 219 (in FCEUX)

Add own mapper implementations, do more mapper implementations, add mapper spreadsheet wikiexport

Quotes about me

"Actually, there's one crazy member here that writes programs directly in hex." --tokumaru

"I feel like this post was written by some kind of automated nesdev post bot. It contains words that you would find in a typical post, but not in any order that makes any sense to me." --dougeff


Myapper thoughts, MyaGrafx, Universal Mapper Description Language