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My first experiment with the wiki was to take the PPU page from the original wiki and try to segment it since my time is always limited(so is the reason of getting the previous content).

The test got mixed results. The content is too segmented and may not be practical at all. 1 section per register is maybe too much and only one section is maybe enough.

The icon idea was actually not good at all: not because it distract the user like Blargg mentioned, but more because even as the editor, I couldn't even chose whose icon would be better for each section! So if even the editor cannot decide.. The user will be in the same situation. So I decided to drop the icon idea completely.

On the message board I wrote some example with many section but once I started to write content with the PPU example, I completely changed the style I had in mind. The content felt too mixed. What I mean is the reference was mixed with the tutorial and I didn't like that. So I tried to separate the reference from the tutorial by making 2 sections. Making it that way felt more pragmatic (I'm not sure if I'm using that word properly) but it feels a little bit dry in a way.

Blargg current sample feels more organic to me but in a way I don't hate that. It maybe more that I like to separate everything in it's own section and changed my mind at the last minute for that. I guess that it may not be possible to make everybody happy on how to segment stuff so maybe if we make the proper template, we may be able to make 2 tables of contents with one that is more organic and the other one more separated by reference/tutorial section.

For now, I guess we should focus on making the template for the most of the content since we are working with finite information. We should be able to decide about the structure later. My only issue is that I don't know much about wiki editing and usage so my editing is not always proper.

Re: Nesdev

Banshaku, I'm done editing the Nesdev page for now, so please feel free to have at it. I've corrected some links and removed some dead ones. The file for "UNIF File format specification" was missing from the Parodius server. I found it here. --Cheesemeister 01:33, 7 November 2009 (UTC)