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This game is a platforming game, inspired from I Wanna be the Guy. It utilizes a Metroidvania-style approach in that, rather than having several levels, it is one large area that one can freely explore. The game has a sequel, Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment.


  • Project owner: Sivak
  • Developer: Sivak
  • Compiler: NESASM
  • Sound driver: Drag NSF
  • Soundtrack by: Sivak
  • Started on: October, 2008
  • Version 1.000 release date: February 22, 2010
  • Version 1.100 release date: July 2, 2010
  • Cart made: Yes
  • Mapper: iNES Mapper #2: UOROM
  • PRG Memory: 256 KB
  • CHR Memory: 0 KB


A mysterious group is discovered to be secretly developing a weapon known as a Supermech, which would be a massive threat if they succeed. It is discovered by Dr. Tina Byers, who is a talented inventor. Timmy, a friend of the doctor's, is told about the weapon and he is then shown a special, upgradeable combat suit in hopes that he will be able to use it to infiltrate the fortress and deal with the Supermech threat.


The player controls Timmy, who must make his way through the various areas of the Fortress. Timmy can jump and use gloves that fire a simple shot to attack enemies.

The player always dies in one hit, though there are several locations that serve as continue points, indicated by the 9-pointed star or Nonagram symbol. On Normal or Easy difficulties, one may continue an infinite amount of times. Hard difficulty allows 50 continues, Very Hard allows 20, and Unfair has no continuing at all. The harder difficulties must also be done in one gaming session, while Easy and Normal allow one to use passwords. Easy also gives the Damage Amp upgrade, but turns the suit pink.

Along the way, one will find several enhancement cards that give new abilities to the suit Timmy wears, such as a higher jumping ability or the ability to breathe underwater.

The ultimate goal is to seek out and defeat the six guardians of the Fortress. After doing so, a special room will open up the pathway to the inner sanctum of the Fortress where the group making the Supermech is hiding.

Version differences

The initial version of the game had some issues that were addressed and fixed in 1.100. These include:

  • The cart itself has a newer label with a more detailed color job.
  • Removal of a bug that can make one permanently invincible.
  • Addition of a short bonus level intended for the Screwattack Gaming Convention's Iron Man of Gaming Tournament. Use the password "SGCLEVEL" to play it.
  • Redrawing the font characters "D" and "V" to look less like "O" and "U".

No other revisions are planned.


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