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My alias is Sivak and I've done some work on the NES. Here's a list of things I have done:

Commercial projects

These are listed chronologically.

Other projects

  • NES Palette tester - A simple program that loads in the various shades of colors on the NES. Included as an easter egg in the 2-in-1 Geminim/Siamond cart.
  • Falldown - It was an entry for the 2008 minigame competition. It won third place. I might make a more refined version of it sometime and bundle it into another multicart.

ROM hacks

  • The Adventures of Bass 2 - One of the earliest ROM hacks of Mega Man 2, dating back to 2001.
  • Challenging Lolo - Hacks all 50 levels of Adventures of Lolo. Released in 2004.
  • Challenging Lolo 2 - Hacks all 50 levels and the 4 pro levels of Adventures of Lolo 2. Released in 2007.