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This is a list of NES emulators.


Emulator name Author Platform(s) Ports and/or other details
acNES Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance Used for Animal Crossing, e-Reader, and Classic NES Series. The name "acNES" is unofficial, as Nintendo has not released this emulator as a distinct product. Information from TCRF indicates that it may be called "QFC".
Virtual Console Nintendo Wii/Wii U, 3DS Most games cost 500 Nintendo Points in Wii Shop Channel. The 3DS version uses the TNES file format.
PocketNES loopy, FluBBa, and Dwedit Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS Used commercially for some emulated re-releases by Atlus, Jaleco, and Konami.
Heritage Nintendo Wii U, 3DS Used for the NES/Famicom Remix series.
Kachikachi Nintendo Linux Used for the NES Classic Edition/Famicom Classic Mini (+ Shōnen Jump version). Pre-installed game selection differs between versions.
Nintendo Entertainment System/Family Computer - Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo Nintendo Switch Available for users with a Nintendo Switch Online Membership. Pre-installed game selection differs between regions.


These are commonly used or well-established.

Emulator name Author Platform(s) Ports and/or other details
BizHawk Multiple authors Win32, Linux
FCE Ultra GX Tantric Wii, GameCube
FCEUX Anthony Giorgio / Mark Doliner Win32, macOS, Linux
higan Near (formerly as byuu) Win32, FreeBSD, Linux, macOS
iNES Marat Fayzullin Win32 and Linux
Jnes Jabosoft Win32
Mesen Sour Win32, Linux/.NET Announcement / Source, excellent debugger
nemulator James Slepicka Win32
nesemu2 holodnak Win32, OS X, Linux
Nestopia UE rdanbrook Linux, BSD, Win7+ a.k.a. Nestopia Undead Edition. Contains bugfixes/etc.
Windows binaries are available at Sourceforge or at EmuCR
Nintaco zeroone Java (Windows, GNU/Linux, macOS) Announcement Source API FAQ Screenshots
Nintendulator Quietust Win32 Nintendulator DX (by thefox) for an even more-improved debugger
NO$NES Martin Korth Win32
PocketNES loopy, FluBBa, and Dwedit Game Boy Advance Updates on Dwedit's board
RockNES Zepper (formerly Fx3) Win32

Under development

The following is a list of NES emulators that are under development, who their authors are, relevant home pages/sites, and the source of the announcement (direct or indirect). Only projects are listed that had a release in form of source or binary.

Emulator name Author Technology(s) / Platform(s) Ports and/or other details
NESICIDE cpow Qt, C++ / Win32 / Win64, Linux32, Linux64, macOS Source
kindred Overload Win32 Announcement
A/NES Morgan Johansson AmigaOS Announcement
puNES FHorse Qt, C++ / Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Win32 Announcement
jaNES crudelios C++ / Win32 Announcement
HDNes mkwong98 C++ / Win32 Announcement
Fergulator fergus_maximus Golang, SDL / Linux, Windows, macOS Announcement
Pretendo proxy C++ / Linux/BeOS/Win32 Announcement
NES-Emulator Dartht33bagger C, SDL Announcement
nintengo nwidger Golang, SDL / Linux, Windows, macOS
ffnes rockcarry C / Win32 Announcement
WebNES peteward44 Javascript Announcement / Live demo
O-Nes-Sama Fumarumota, aLaix C++, SDL2 / Win32, Linux) Announcement
cfxnes jonyzz Javascript Announcement / Live demo
nes-emu daroou C++, SDL2 / Win32, Linux Announcement
fogleman/nes Michael Fogleman Golang, OpenGL, PortAudio / Linux, Windows, macOS Medium article
NES-Emu imid C#, .NET Announcement
nSide hex_usr C++ Fork of byuu's higan-nes. Announcement
HalfNES Grapeshot Java
fpgaNES Feuerwerk42 VHDL, Verilog / FPGA (hardware) Announcement
Nintendoish drewying Swift / Win32, macOS Announcement
triforce tdondich JavaScript, VueJS Announcement
Project-Nested Myself086 Assembly / SNES Announcement
nescore rodri042 JavaScript Announcement
agnes kgabis C with libSDL examples Announcement
HydraNES BadFoolPrototype C++, Glew/OpenGL / Win32 Announcement / First mention
TetaNES lukexor Rust, SDL2 Announcement
nos olivecc C++, SDL2 / Linux Announcement
nin Nax C++, Qt , OpenAL, OpenGL Announcement
q00.nes LilaQ C++ / Win32 Announcement
BeesNES L. Spiro C++ / Win32 / Win64 First mention
uNESsential Johannes Holmberg QBasic / DOS, Linux, Windows, macOS Source
nes-emulator CreatureOX Python Announcement
NES260 fenzo Verilog / FPGA (hardware) Announcement for Xilinx KV260 FPGA board
ArkNESS thekamal C++ / Windows Announcement
NesEmulator daxnet C#, .NET
dendy Max Poletaev Golang, raylib, Ebitengine / Linux, Windows, macOS
ChibiNES Koki Oyatsu Golang, OpenGL, PortAudio / Linux, Windows, macOS
NES-Emulator junnys6018 C / Linux, Windows, WebAssembly
NESTang nand2mario Verilog / FPGA (hardware) For Sipeed Tang Primer 25K, Nano 20K and Primer 20K boards
DenverEMU nIghtorius C++, SDL2, OpenGL3 / Win, Linux Announcement


These are emulators which are known to be officially discontinued, i.e. abandoned or are no longer in development.

Emulator name Author Technology(s) / Platform(s) Last update Other details
LandyNES Alex Krasivsky MS-DOS 1996 One of the first NES emulators
NESticle Icer Addis MS-DOS / Win95 1998
fwNES Fan Wan Yang, Shu Kondo MS-DOS 1998 Popularized the FDS file format
Famtasia nori, taka2 Win32 2001 First emulator to be supported by TASVideos
NESten TNSe Win32 2003
VirtuaNES Norix Win32 2007 Has a real-time memory hex-editor
FCEUXD SP sp Win32 2007 was merged with other FCEU forks under the name FCEUX
NEStopia Martin Freij Win32, OS X, Linux 2008 Linux, MacOS
FPGA NES kevtris FPGA (hardware) 2008
AminNes amin2312 Flash 2009 Announcement
VeriNES jwdonal FPGA (hardware) 2010 Announcement - Website is not working
iNES Marat Fayzullin MS-DOS 2010 Win32 and Linux versions still active. Popularized the iNES file format.
UberNES M \ K Productions Win32 2011
NESFaCE 6T4 Win32 2011 Announcement
nesemu1 Bisqwit libSDL (portable), testing under Linux 2011 Announcement
Nezulator Zelex JavaScript 2011 Announcement
FPGA NES Dan Strother FPGA (hardware) 2011
Kryptonware rubenhbaca Java 2012 Initial development announcement. Website has reported "under maintenance" for a very long time
MSE Alegend45 ? 2012 Initial development announcement. GitHub account has been deleted
NESSIM MottZilla Win32 2012 Announcement
? graham Javascript 2013 Initial development announcement. Website returns internal server error
MoarNES miker00lz Win32 2013 Announcement
EMUya Zelex Ouya 2013 Announcement - Website not working anymore
VPNES x0000 Win32 w/ SDL 2013 Announcement
? submarine600 PC-8801 2013 Announcement - Website not working anymore
FPGA NES Ludde FPGA (hardware) 2014
famique sahib Mac OS X, Win32, Linux 2015 Announcement - GitHub repository has been deleted
Yanese Anes Win32 2015 Announcement Website not working anymore
finalnes austere Win32 2015 Announcement
macifom Auston Stewart OS X, iOS 2015 Announcement
macifomlite Auston Stewart iOS 2015
Yane roku6185 libSDL (portable), testing under Linux 2015 Announcement
MahNES HLorenzi Win32 2015 Announcement
phibiaNES nIghtorius SDL / Win32 2015 Announcement
nesalizer Ulfalizer libSDL (portable), tested on Linux 2016
EduNes thomson SDL2 2016 Announcement
fixNES FIX94 C, Win32, Linux 2020
NESizm tswilliamson C++, Casio Prizm graphics calculators 2021

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