INES Mapper 253

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iNES Mapper 253 is used for Waixing's Chinese localization of the Japanese Bandai game Dragon Ball Z: 強襲! サイヤ人 (Dragon Ball Z: Kyōshū! Saiya-jin). It uses a clone of the Konami VRC4, with the chip's A0 connected to CPU A2 and the chip's A1 connected to CPU A3 (VRC4e, Mapper 23 submapper 2). It has 8 KiB of PRG-RAM at CPU $6000-$7FFF, and 1 KiB CHR pages 4 and 5 are CHR-RAM.

INES Mapper 252 is the same, except that it's 1 KiB CHR pages 6 and 7 that are CHR-RAM.

Mappers 74, 192, 194, and 195, also used for Waixing's localizations, are similar but use an MMC3.