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This is a historical representation of the old NESDev main page.
All of this material is out of date and unmaintained.

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  • The messageboards are open. The old boards are still readable.
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  • An NES dev cartridge is in production by Membler Industries. More details to come.

Text files


General information about the Nintendo Entertainment System, or Famicom.


Information about the 6502. The NES's 2A03 CPU is a modified 6502.

Famicom Disk System

Information about the Famicom's floppy disk add-on.


Information about the NES/Famicom's add-ons, or anything that doesn't pertain to another category.


Information related to the emulation of the NES/Famicom.

Dr. PC Jr.

The Doctor PC Jr. is a Chinese computer based off the NES/Famicom. Visit Dr. PC Jr. Development Page for extended information.

  • BIOS ROM A dump of the BIOS ROM from the Dr. PC Jr.
  • DOS disk The files from the OS disk of the Dr. PC Jr.
  • CATalogue v1.0 by Chris Covell. Uses the 'Cue-Cat'.


The well-known sequel to the NES, both castrated and enhanced. Only stuff unavailable elsewhere will be featured here.

NES Programs

See Projects.

NES Development Tools

PC Programs

6502 Tools

  • NESICIDE v.0.2 by Christopher S. Pow. The NES "Incredibly Cool" Integrated Development Environment, which aims to encompass the full lifecycle of NES ROM development. Off-site link.
  • 6502 hex-to-mnemonix by A convenient reference program for viewing hex codes for 6502 opcodes. Email the author if you have any corrections or suggestions.
  • FASM v1.0 by Toshi Morita. Quote from the docs: FASM was written as a quick replacement for the 2500 AD assembler for Nintendo 8-bit development. GPL license.
  • Interactive Disassembler freeware version, by DataRescue. The commercial version is better, but it's expensive.
  • NESrev v.013 by Kent Hansen. This disassembler detects the differences between code and data, and aims to produce output that can be reassembled. Works with 16KB programs. [Java source]
  • nbasic A high-level programming language for 8-bit NES development, by Bob Rost. Off-site link.
  • P65 Assembler A portable 6502 assembler written in Perl. Off-site link.
  • WLA DX A portable GB-Z80/Z80/6502/6510/65816 macro assembler. Linux and MS-DOS versions available. Off-site link.
  • CC65 A portable 6502/65c02/65c816 assembler, linker, and C compiler. Off-site link.
  • X816 An assembler for 6502/65c816. By minus.
  • 6502 SDK Quoted from the docs: The kit is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) similar to Borland ones, which allows you to edit, compile and (hopefully) debug your Assembly code for 65xx processors. It includes a (still rudimental) emulator and a project manager for multiple file applications. Requires Win3.11 or higher. Here's the source code.
  • Nintendo Assembler v.1 by Charles Doty, David Michel, and J.H. Van Ornum.
  • Minachun Disassembler for 6502 Famicom(NES) v.04a. Features Japanese language and mapper support. Source included, with an English language option.
  • TRaCER A disassembler for 6502/65c02/65c816. By koitsu/Jeremy Chadwick
  • 6502 Simulator by Dan Boris.
  • DASM v2.12 by Mathew Dillon
  • neslisp v0.0.17 by erana (Commodore 64 native version at v0.0.17 and up)
  • ados-nes v0.1.13 by erana
  • arm-lisp v0.2.73 by erana (ARMv7 and 6502 target included.)
  • Ophis 6502/65C02 assembler for Windows/Mac/Linux by Michael Martin

Graphic Tools

  • NES Screen Tool by Shiru.
  • Tile Molester v0.16 by Kent Hansen. This tile editor requires Java, and supports NES as well as other console formats.
  • YY-Chr by YY. A multi-format tile editor. Available in Japanese and English.
  • BMPNES v1.8 by ninjasuperk. Spanish BMP to NES format converter. Includes some utils by Chis Covell.
  • Tile Layer Pro v1.0 by SnowBro. Tile editor.
  • CHR-ROM Creator v1.1 by Stefan Fausser. An NES tile editor. VB40032.DLL is required.
  • Open tUME A 2D level editor designed for game development, check it out!
  • NES Screen Arranger Uses NES graphics from a .CHR file and let's you set up the name and attribute tables, with optional RLE compression. By SnowBro.
  • Tile Layer v0.50b. Let's you edit graphics from roms for various consoles. By SnowBro.
  • BMP2NES by 7h1460. Converts BMP graphics to the NES's format.
  • RAW2CHR by Chris Covell. Converts graphics from RAW to the NES's format.
  • CHARlie by Chris Covell. Optimizes graphics by removing redundant tiles.
  • CHR2NAM by Chris Covell. Creates a nametable from an image file.


  • uCON64 (offsite link) ROM management utility. Can convert between file formats, split iNES images into PRG and CHR ROMs (use Pasofami format to do this), and much more.
  • Game Genie Code Coverter v4.0 by Zazer. Create new, or decode existing Game Genie codes for NES and all other GG-platforms.
  • Roller Coaster by Pan/ATX. This program can generate various sine and non-repeating random data tables to use in your games/demos.
  • Famicom Disk System Loader by Brad Taylor. This is the software and documentation for a hardware project to emulate the FDS's disk drive using a PC disk drive via parallel port. Can also copy FDS disk contents to your PC.
  • Legacy of the Wizard map viewer by Brad Taylor. Programs to view the maps from this game. Includes a bitmap graphic of the entire map.
  • FDSList v1.2 by Chris Covell. Lists and extracts files from Famicom disk images. Supports FDS format.
  • Decrom v2.0 by Fx3. Converts VROM graphics into ascii.
  • VRC-VII Emulator By Kevin Horton. VRC7 is a Konami mapper/sound-chip, with FM synthesis.
  • VRC-VI Emulator Written in qbasic, by Kevin Horton.
  • Hexposure v0.215. A Hex editor by SnowBro.

Sound Tools

  • Nerdtracker 2 beta version by Bananmos. A DOS/Win9X NES music tracker. The NT2 site also has replay source code for NES, an assortment of songs made by NT2 users, and more.
  • Nijuu v0.1b by Neil Baldwin. A NES music engine that converts tracks defined in text files into NES or NSF files. Off-site link.
  • MCK by Izumi. A sound driver using MML format. Off-site link.
  • NED2NSF v1.0 by Matrixz. Windows program that can make a single-song NSF from a NED file (Nerdtracker 2 format). Does not support NEDs with DMC samples, currently.
  • MIDIMML converter v1.0 by Tom Murphy 7. [link] This program converts MIDI files (with some special annotations) into MML. The output wouldn't be as optimal as hand-crafted MML (in most cases), but it's very interesting and even useful for MIDI users, nonetheless.
  • MCKC: MCK > MML Converter by Manbow-J, translated by virt. This document shows you how to use MML to create NES music.
  • MCK/MML Beginners Guide v1.0 by Nullsleep/8bitpeoples.
  • MCK/MML Beginners Guide (Chinese) v1.0 by Nullsleep, translated by Tong Yun Weng.
  • DPCM HowTo by nullsleep. How to use DPCM samples with MCK.
  • Making NSFs under UNIX by Julian Squires. Info concerning MCK. Off-site link.
  • nsf2midi (Japanese) v.130 by GIGO. NSF2MIDI (english) v.05a Translated by Tatt and Yura.
  • WAV2NES by David de Regt. Converts a .wav file to an .NES rom, but uses an obscure mapper.
  • dmc converter (Japanese) v.05 by Norix. english doc by Nullsleep.
  • sample converters by Bananmos. Includes 8bit-to-1bit and 1bit-to-8bit programs.
  • sample converter by Damian Yerrick. Converts 8-bit samples to NES's 1-bit format, also scales the volume and oversamples the sound.
  • NES Sound Driver & Library (NSD.Lib) by S.W. A sound driver. This include the library for cc65/ca65 and MML compiler(This can make NSF and assembler source). (GitHub)

Amiga Programs

6502 Tools

Graphic Tools

  • Raw2CHR by Chris Covell. Converts graphics from RAW to the NES's format. C source code is included.
  • CHARlie by Chris Covell. Optimizes graphics in CHR roms by removing duplicate tiles. C source code is included.
  • CHR2NAM by Chris Covell. Makes a nametable from your CHR rom. C source code is included.

Misc tools

  • FDSList v1.2 by Chris Covell. Lists and extracts files from Famicom disk images. Supports FDS format.
  • AmiGenie by Chris Covell. Converts between Game Genie codes and hex addresses.

NES Hardware Information

  • Index of US patents related to the NES/Famicom.

console hardware

cartridge hardware

Note: Goroh's docs are in japanese

NES Hardware Projects

  • PC NES transfer cable by sepi. Connects a PC's parallel port to the NES control port. It allows you control a game with a PC keyboard to log and play back button presses.
  • Famicom Disk System Loader by Brad Taylor. This is the software and documentation for a hardware project to emulate the FDS's disk drive using a PC disk drive via parallel port. Can also copy FDS disk contents to your PC.
  • CopyNES by Kevin Horton. NES modification that allows reading and writing of cartridges.
  • ENIO by Pete Brown. Goal is to give the NES ethernet access to a game server over the Internet.
  • Breaking NES by org. NES chips exploration down to silicon level.
  • Battery holder Processes to replace NES cartridge batteries.



  • NES Music NES music in module format.
  • Sounds of the 2A03 New, original NES music!
  • NES Music Ripping Guide v1.4 by Chris Covell.
  • The NED File Format by Damian Yerrick. A reverse-engineering of NerdTracker 2 file-format.
  • Sound test codes by me. If you know one that isn't in there, tell me. Thanks to Bananmos for getting this back to me after my harddisk died.
  • NES Music Author List v3.11 Information from various sources, compiled by Memblers. A never-ending research project that needs your contributions.
  • NES Music Author List Japanese translation by HAS. Off-site link.
  • Skate or Die 2 (title theme) Recorded by Memblers, through the audio output of an NES. This Rob Hubbard tune uses raw PCM output ($4011) that few (if any) emulators play correctly.
  • Comic Bakery Recorded by Chris Covell. This is an MP3 of how this cover of a Martin Galway song plays on a real NES (The one in the Stars SE demo). It doesn't sound too good, due to some scarcely documented um.. features of the NES's sound hardware. Since it does a great job of highlighting these features, it may be be useful for emulator authors who want to improve their sound emulation accuracy. This MP3 is in stereo, the square waves are in the left channel, the triangle is in the right one. The noise channel isn't used. If you're wondering, these features were compensated for in Bananmos's newest sound code (as used in Solar Wars), and it is now 100% cool on real NES. =)
  • An archive of new NES music in NSF format.
  • NSF Collection Here you can get a sorted collection of NSFs, the only bad thing being that the sound effects are removed.
  • Makers of MIDINES, a MIDI interface cartridge for NES.
  • VGMIX A videogame music remix site, with an excellent interface for musicans to add their own works.
  • VORC A Japanese/English chip and game music news site.
  • Zophar's Domain NSF page The most complete NSF archive around.
  • Chibi-Tech's page Tracked chip music, including NES-style stuff.
  • Dropoff 7 Original music, plus NES music remixes and a few real NES tunes recorded with analogue effects.
  • The Minibosses A band that covered some NES songs, their MP3s available for download here.
  • OverClocked ReMix A site with remixes (mostly MP3 format) of music from games of many systems.
  • The Best Game Music! Check it out whether you read Japanese or not, it has music and original content. Also the home of the MCK sound driver.
  • Video Game Jam Guitar and bass tablature for game music.
  • Chip music in various formats.


misc. tech

  • RetroZone Manufacturer of the PowerPak device for NES and SNES, controller adapters, and custom cartridges.
  • Tototek A supplier of FlashROM-based cartridges for various systems, among other things.
  • RomLabratory Tons of tech info about cartridges for NES/FC, SNES/SFC, and Sega Genesis/MegaDrive.
  • SMS Flash devcart and Motherboard Flash Method How to program a Flash-ROM with a PC motherboard, and SMS devcart instructions.
  • Cuttle Cart A RAM cartridge for 2600 with bankswitching support. Loads a ROM through audio input.
  • SMS Power A page with some tech info, demos and sources and stuff for the Sega Master System.
  • GamesX A page with technical info on various consoles.
  • Atari 2600 Programming Page You'd have to be a maniac to program this console.
  • Atari 7800 Developer's Page Info on building a devkit/copier for 2600/7800.

home pages


misc 6502

graphics were ripped from other pages.

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