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It first started while I was trying to make test data for my map editor. I didn't know what to use to know if my editor was working well. For some reason, I was checking the MM9 demo and some map on the net and decided to try to reproduce one of the map. Since then, I have been working on that proof of concept.

The objective is to remake the PS3 demo of MM9. This mean the intro, menu and the Concrete Man stage but I want to push it a little bit more far. What I didn't like about the demo is that you couldn't play against the boss. I want to remake the demo plus the interaction with the boss.

Even thought the objective is to remake this demo, the real goal behind it is to make the game engine for my own games. By trying to reproduce an existing game, it helps to find the requirements of the engine. For now it helped me to be more comfortable with CC65 and 6502 coding. I try to separate the code by module so I (ab)use a lot about scopes, structures and enums.


  • Project owner: Banshaku
  • Developer: Banshaku
  • Compiler : CC65
  • Sound driver: Famitracker
  • Soundtrack by: Tssf
  • Started on: 2009/07
  • Current status: Active (kind of)
  • Expected date: Unknown
  • Will make cart: Cannot for legal reason

Current status


  • Re-factoring code since I got my netbook. My time is still slim to none so it will take sometime before I can get a new version out. I will have to plan everything in advance so I can micro-manage it.





Other links

  • Mega Man 9 soundtrack remade in FTM by Tssf here.
  • Sample compiled on 2010-01-18 here.