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Apex is a side-scrolling adventure/exploration game. It serves as a testament to the "golden age" of console gaming (circa early '90's)- a celebration of what was, what is and what might have been.


  • Project Owner: Retrometheus
  • Developer: Retrometheus
  • Compiler: None (hex coding)
  • Sound Driver: Retrodriver™
  • Soundtrack by: Retrometheus
  • Started on: 5/2011
  • Status: Preproduction
  • Mapper: MMC5 (unique submapper, tentatively dubbed "EJROM")
  • PRG-ROM: 1024 KB
  • CHR-ROM: 1024 KB
  • PRG-RAM: 64 KB


Bioterrorists are cultivating superviruses in labs hidden at the bottom of the ocean.


Apex is a rather nondescript purple angelfish with two basic attacks: a stationary somersault and high-velocity bubble projectiles.


RAM Function Details
0x0000-0D Music Channel pointers P2-P1-T-N-D-P3-P5
0x000E-0F Rhythm Array pointer
0x0010-1D Repeat Coda pointers P2-P1-T-N-D-P3-P5
0x001E Song Data bank#
0x001F DPCM sample data Bank#
0x0020-2C Rhythmic countdowns (even slots only) P2-P1-T-N-D-P3-P5
0x0021-2D Selective repeats # remaining (odd slots only) P2-P1-T-N-D-P3-P5
0x002E-2F Header pointer
0x0030-32 Timbre/volume data P2-P1-T
0x0033 Song ID# jukebox Writing a value here triggers a new song to play.
0x0034 Current song ID#
0x0035-36 Timbre/volume data P3-P5
0x0037 Reserved for SFX.
0x0038-3E Most recent rhythmic countdown value Used to reload even-numbered slots in the $20-2C range.
0x003F Reserved for SFX.
0x0040-5B Unused
0x005C Current macromode
0x005D Macromode transition destination
0x005E Reserved
0x005F Transition status #00 = Null; #01 = Activate; #FF = Transitioning
0x0060-AF Unused
0x00B0-B2 Controller 1 buttons old-regular-new
0x00B3-B7 Reserved
0x00B8-BA Controller 2 buttons old-regular-new
0x00BB-BF Reserved
0x00C0 Current spritesheet
0x00C1 Current BG tilesheet
0x00C2-DF Unused?
0x00E0 Game Paused? #00 = No; #01 = Yes
0x00E1-F7 Unused?
0x00F8 SPR-OAM transfer on next NMI? #00 = yes
0x00FC Frame counter See what we did there?
0x00FF Used in terminal MPL loop
0x0100-1FF Stack
0x0200-2FF Sprites


$00010-0400F: Default music data bank
$04010-1000F: Alternate music data banks
$E0010-F000F: PRG-RAM banks (8 x 8 kB)
$F0010-FE00F: Seven 8kB DPCM banks
$FE010: NMI Routine
$FF010: Init. Routine
$FF090: Title Screen draw routine
$FF0F0-FF10F: Title Screen palettes
$FF210: Main Program Loop
$FFC10: Music frequency table
$FFD10: Tempo Offsets
$FFF10: Music/Tempo/DPCM Bank index
$100000: Waiting for NMI