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I am Troy Long. The name Veinassolay was given to me by my little brother, so I use it as a pen name. I'm a self taught programmer from rural Texas.

Me on NesDev?

  • I want to learn how to program on a low abstraction level. The MOS6502 processor was what many of the greats started on, and NES seems cool enough to motivate me to keep going, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.
  • At less than 20 years old, you might think I'm too young to contribute, but I have to start somewhere.
  • If you notice any of my edits are incorrect, I will take absolutely no offense to you correcting them, but please tell me that I was wrong so I don't keep doing it again.


  • I was born 1999.
    • Raised in rural Texas.
  • I am passionate about electronics, math, and computer science.
    • I taught myself to program starting in the 7th grade, and see continuing to do so as a life journey.
    • Currently a high school senior teaching programming classes during lunch.
  • Am not interested in meeting anyone online in person, so don't even entertain the thought.
    • But I am by no means a mean person.