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This is hangman game on Famicom.

Since not all phrases are complete, if you have any suggestion then I will add it on. The length of each one is limited to 32, although it should be limited to 30 so that it doesn't get cut off on edge of TV screen. You can use alphabet, digits, spaces, and punctuation. It could be a single word, or a phrase of multiple words.


  • Project owner: zzo38
  • Developer: zzo38
  • Artist: zzo38
  • Music: zzo38
  • Music engine: SMJIE
  • Compiler: Unofficial MagicKit
  • Other tools: Famitile, Glasgow Haskell Compiler
  • Mapper: 70
  • Mirroring: Doesn't care
  • Started on: September 2012
  • Status: Program done; phrases 514/7680
  • Expected date: Unknown
  • Will make cart: Doubtful; possible trademark issues with some phrases (may be fixed if enough replacement phrases are submitted to the project)
  • PRG-ROM: 256 KiB
  • CHR-ROM: 8 KiB
  • PRG-RAM: 0
  • CHR-RAM: 0
  • Players: 1
  • Controllers: Keyboard
  • License: Public domain (including source-codes)
  • Tested on official hardware: No (anyone who can do so, please do)
  • Action 53 compatibility: No (too large ROM, wrong mapper, requires keyboard, possible trademark issues with some phrases)

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