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YY-CHR is a CHR editor by a Japanese Mario hacker named YY.

It's for multiple consoles and handhelds, and has more features than Tile Layer Pro,

It used to be a HSP (Hot Soup Processor) program, but due to false virus warnings. It has moved to C++ and later C# with .NET support


The latest version of YY-CHR can be downloaded from the YY-CHR @wiki.

Old Versions v0.99 or under can be found in the Outdated tools section.

Is YY-CHR available on *Insert OS Here*?

It is only available for Windows in Borland C++ Builder 5.5 (Plain), or Visual Studio 2010 (.NET), for Linux Users: Try WINE (or Mono if using the .NET version)


The web pages and content inside them belong to YY. YY-CHR is open source, But it is unknown if YY used a license or not.

Proceed with Caution!