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NES-CPROM (no HVC-CPROM known) is a particular Nintendo cartridge board which uses discrete logic to provide up to four 4 KB banks of CHR RAM. The iNES format assigns mapper 13 to this board. Only Videomation, a paint program for NES, is known to use it.


  • PRG ROM size: 32 KiB (DIP-28 standard pinout)
  • PRG ROM bank size: Not bankswitched
  • PRG RAM: None
  • CHR capacity: 16 KiB RAM (in two 8KiB RAMs)
  • CHR bank size: 4 KiB
  • Nametable mirroring: Vertical
  • Subject to bus conflicts: Yes


  • PPU $0000-$0FFF: 4 KiB fixed CHR RAM bank (first page)
  • PPU $1000-$1FFF: 4 KiB swappable CHR RAM page


Bank select ($8000-$FFFF)

7  bit  0
---- ----
xxxx xxCC
       ++- Select 4 KiB CHR RAM bank for PPU $1000-$1FFF


The CPROM board uses a 74HC161 (4-bit latch) and a 74HC08 (quad 2-input AND gate), with a 74HC04 (hex inverter) to unify the two RAMs.

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