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Company unknown
Boards unknown
PRG ROM capacity {{{prgmax}}}
PRG RAM capacity None
CHR capacity {{{chrmax}}}
Nametable mirroring Fixed H or V, controlled by solder pads
Bus conflicts unknown
Audio No
iNES mappers [[iNES Mapper {{{mapper}}}|{{{mapper}}}]]
[edit] [purge] Template documentation

Copy and paste this at the top of a mapper page:

{{Infobox iNES mapper
|company=Nintendo, others
|othermappers=[[iNES Mapper 155|155]]
|boards=SKROM, SLROM,<br/>SNROM, others
|prgpage=16K + 16K fixed or 32K
|chrpage=4K + 4K or 8K
|mirroring=H, V, or 1, switchable


  • If you provide nescartdbgames, it automatically inserts Category:In NesCartDB and a link to a list of games on NesCartDB using the mapper provided in mapper (without regional duplicates). The argument need not be a number; it can be a string such as "Few" or "Many".
  • complexity needs to be Discrete logic (for Category:Discrete logic mappers) or ASIC (for Category:ASIC mappers).
  • Page sizes are hidden if the corresponding max size is not specified or if wrampage=Impossible (which is used for mappers with ports in $6000-$7FFF).

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