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This cartridge contains two games, Geminim and Siamond. Both of which were developed by Sivak. Geminim is simply based on the logic game of Nim and Siamond is based on the pattern-repeating game of Simon.


  • Project owner: Sivak
  • Developer: Sivak
  • Compiler: NESASM
  • Sound driver: Famitracker
  • Soundtrack by: Sivak
  • Release date: June 25, 2008
  • Cart made: Yes
  • Mapper: iNES Mapper #7: AOROM
  • PRG Memory: 128 KB
  • CHR Memory: 0 KB
  • Geminim was originally finished on March 12, 2008.
  • Siamond was originally finished on April 30, 2008.

Geminim Gameplay

Several colored gems are placed upon the screen in rows. The player can opt whether to go first or second. On each turn, the player or computer will take a certain quantity of one and only one type of the colored gems. The process repeats until either the player or computer take the very last gems from the screen. Whoever does this is the winner of the round and gains a point.

As the game progresses, more gems tend to be added. After 20 rounds, a status screen will come up telling you how you did.

Siamond Gameplay

There is a large diamond, broken into four, smaller, colored diamonds. The position of each corresponds to the D-pad. A pattern will be shown in a series of flashes and the player must mimic this pattern. Each successful time the player does so, an extra step gets added into the pattern.

Every few correct repetitions will increase the speed at which the pattern is shown and also decrease the amount of time a player has to input each part of the pattern. The game ends if the player makes a mistake or if time runs out. If the player can successfully mimic a pattern of 50, a congratulations screen will be shown.

One extra option included is the ability to play the game with tones only. This makes it so the sounds of the pattern play, but no actual flashing of the pattern is shown. The player must rely on what was heard to input it.


  • Both games were originally released as individual games in special, numbered editions. 33 total of each were made.
  • Both of these special editions were NROM games.
  • On the multicart, hold the left button on the game selection screen to see an easter egg of a palette tester.


Game selection Geminim gameplay Siamond gameplay

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