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This game is the sequel to Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril. Like before, it is a platforming game, inspired from I Wanna be the Guy. It is done in a Metroidvania-style. Rather than having several levels, it is one large area that one can freely explore.


  • Project owner: Sivak
  • Developer: Sivak
  • Compiler: NESASM
  • Sound driver: Drag NSF 2.0
  • Soundtrack by: Sivak
  • Started on: July, 2010
  • Release date: December 15, 2012
  • Cart made: Yes
  • Mapper: Shipped on the Sealie UNROM 512 board (mapper 30) but uses only the subset compatible with oversize mapper 2
  • PRG Memory: 512 KB
  • CHR Memory: 0 KB


Gameplay is similar to the first game in that one controls Timmy and must navigate through the various sectors of the mountain base, seeking out items and bosses.

Unlike the first game, there are more types of blocks such as conveyor belts, ice, and sludge. Sludge is a liquid that makes one move at half speed while inside of it.

In this game, the upgrades include: Wall Grip, Feather Fall, X-Sludge, and Double Jump. Wall grip allows Timmy to cling onto special walls. Feather Fall lowers falling speed. X-Sludge makes sludge act like water. Double jump allows a second jump in the air. High Jump is phased out and you already jump at that height from the start. The Infinite Oxygen item was also removed and Timmy can simply be underwater indefinitely.

There will be varying levels of difficulty like before. Passwords and other bonuses will also be included.

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