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This game is a clone of Nibbles.


  • Project owner: MatrixZ
  • Developer: MatrixZ
  • Compiler: CA65/LD65
  • Sound driver: Nerdtracker 2, modified for sound effects and improved data compression
  • Soundtrack by: MatrixZ
  • Release date: 2008
  • Cart made: Yes
  • Mapper: iNES Mapper #7: AOROM
  • PRG Memory: 64 KB
  • CHR Memory: 0 KB


The player controls a snake which is always moving. You may turn the snake with the D-pad. The objective of each level is to collect flashing numbers, 1 through 9. Doing so completes the level. Every number collected will increase the size of the snake.

If the snake collides with a wall or its own self, a life is lost and the level must be restarted.

In addition to the numbers, fruits can be obtained in the play field. These simply add bonus points, but expand the snake's size a tiny bit.

Periodically, a special shield item is awarded. This allows one hit on the wall, without penalty of restarting the level.

Another item that sometimes appears is a star item. This appears in the field and must be touched. After collecting it, the snake's head will be glowing and during this time, it cannot be harmed by the walls inside the field. The exterior walls and the snake's own tail still harm it, though. This effect only lasts a short while.


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