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Music albums in NES ROM form.

Music tools and toys.

  • NES Audio Tools - Tools by Neil Baldwin: NTRQ (native tracker), PR8 (rhythm), and PULSAR (sequencer)
  • GLITCH02 - Randomized music experiment by Neil Baldwin
  • SuperMagic Music Maker - Interactive music experiment by Neil Baldwin


Source code is included unless otherwise indicated.

  • GrayBox
  • Commando by siudym. A simple demo, no source.
  • Fighter F-8000 by Kalle Suikola. Texts in Finnish.
  • Paranoiz by nurv. A noise channel editor.
  • NEStress by Flubba. A test program, good for emulator testing and other things.
  • Deadline Console 2004 invitation intro, by Opius and Nullsleep. No source. [link]
  • NESmas by Mic. A small christmas greeting demo.
  • Galaxy Patrol Enhanced by Michael Martin.
  • 2003 MiniGame Compo multicart packed and menu'd by Memblers, music covered from C64 Wizardry, sound code by Bananmos, FilePack code by Mickael Pointier. Features all the NES games entered in the 2003 MiniGame Compo.
  • BoxBoy by Neil Tew. An action puzzle game. By controlling 4 seperate characters, arrange the boxes in the correct order before they drop off the screen. 2003 MiniGame Compo entry (4KB category), placed 9th of 37.
  • Bomber 4K by RoboNes. Perilously fly over 3 cities and destroy each one to win. 2003 MiniGame Compo entry (4KB category), placed 31st of 37.
  • Escape from Pong by Halley's Comet Software. You play as a Ping Pong ball, trying to escape from 12 paddle and obstacle-filled levels. 2003 MiniGame Compo entry (1KB category), placed 12th of 26.
  • Galaxy Patrol by Michael Martin. Fly through the starfield, avoid stars and collecting fuel. 2003 MiniGame Compo entry (4KB category), placed 36th of 37.
  • DMC-Based Saw Waves by blargg. Information about how this accomplished, and an NES ROM and MP3. Off-site link.
  • Years Behind by Retrocoders. This music rom features covers and original music. Compatible with PAL NES only. No sources.
  • BKG Graphics Test by Beneficii. A little maze game. A map editor is included.
  • Overtest by Alastair Bridgewater. Tests the CPU's overflow flag.
  • Raster Demo by Norix. This demo is an excellent example of what can be done by tweaking the PPU's nametable addressing with timed code (NTSC, in this case).
  • TANESPOT by Jonathan Liss. This PAL NES demo, A Tribute to All NES Players Out There, placed 3rd of 4 in the Oldskool demo category of Dreamhack 2002.
  • Manhole Program by KZ-S, Graphics by misaki, special thanks to Norix.
  • Masmix v0.6 beta, code by Wojciech Andralojc, sprites by Kamil Chlodnicki, levels by Monika Subocz.
  • Matrix v0.6 beta, code by Wojciech Andralojc, sprites by Kamil Chlodnicki, levels by Monika Subocz.
  • demo by Siudym. Made with a hex editor. No source code, of course.
  • Chess v0.0 beta by Matrixz.
  • Froggy by Rob. A 1Kbyte Frogger clone. Released at 2002 MiniGame Compo. Finished 55th out of 62. No source.
  • Sack of Flour, Heart of Gold version 1d by Bob Rost, Matt Longnecker, Andrew Klein, Mark Hall, Mike Raisman, and Mark Stehlik.
  • Diffusion Chamber by Michael Martin.
  • Jumpy demo by 'Rwin. A jumping sprite demo.
  • Scroll demo by Dissassembled and modified from Ultima 2.
  • Pong by Paul Talbot.
  • Sokoban by Johannes Holmberg. A version of Sokoban for NES.
  • Zero Pong v3.0 by Zero-Soul.
  • New nes music format by Kevin Horton. A new format to store/replay NES music, similar to C64's psid format.
  • Palette Test by Loopy. This isn't any palette test program, it actually displays all the colors on the screen at once! Neat trick.
  • Colour bar program by Mark Knibbs.
  • The Duel by Bokudono. A small game that pits Mario against a jumping goomba in a fight to the finish. Here is the source. (Comments are in spanish)
  • Game Genie by Codemasters. This is a dump of the ROM used in the Game Genie. Galoob has kindly given permission for free distribution. No source code, obviously.
  • Implementation of Deadfish in Nintendo Family Computer by zzo38. Up to eight digits are acceptable.

stuff by Quietust


  • Copper Bars A neat visual effect accomplished using a combination of multiple techniques.
  • SMW Stomper A demonstration of mid-frame vertical scroll adjustment.
  • Scanline.NES A test of emulator PPU accuracy (note that in this version, the final test's text should NOT be readable - an updated version can be found here).
  • The Tao of 007 Official game of the defunct Project: Sachen.

stuff by Sergey Ryumik

  • GZS Generator of sound signals.
  • GITS2 PAL TV test program.
  • GITS Television quality test program. Here is the Russian version with extended information.

stuff by abonetochew

  • Bill World Early version of a game.
  • Blocks A demo that draws it background using 2x2 tile blocks.
  • Megaman X Sprite Displays a Megaman sprite from the SNES game, Megaman X. Kinda buggy.

stuff by SnowBro

  • D-Pad Hero v.1.1 by Kent Hansen and Andreas Pedersen. A NES version of Guitar Hero, featuring the following songs...
    • a-ha - "The Swing of Things"
    • Daft Punk - "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"
    • Guns 'n' Roses - "Sweet Child o' Mine"
    • Michael Jackson - "The Way You Make Me Feel"
  • BombSweeper v.5 by SnowBro. A clone of a Nintendo "Game & Watch" puzzle game of the same name. No sources.
  • Sound testing program by SnowBro. It lets you toggle the bits of the sound registers.

stuff by HNO3

  • Boing by Mankeli.
  • City by Mankeli and Zonzki. Sound code by Bananmos. Source not available.

stuff by Damian Yerrick

These were tested on a PowerPak:

  • Tall Pixel stretches a still background image to 150% of its vertical size.
  • DPCM Split shows how to abuse APU DMC timers to create a more-or-less reliable scroll split.
  • Russian Roulette demonstrates how to read the Zapper's trigger. It's probably the only Zapper game that works on HDTVs.
  • Zap Ruder demonstrates how to read the Zapper's photosensor. It includes several still test patterns and ZapPing, a table tennis game for one or two players.
  • Password save demo allows the NES to remember 32 bits of a game's state across a power cycle.
  • Sprite Cans 2011 A demo that displays 64 rotating soda cans. Music by Ray Lynch covered by Damian Yerrick.
  • Eighty Test program for the Four Score, including signature detection and compensation for DMC DMA bit deletions.
  • little things A collection of Damian Yerrick's early and one-off NES works.

These were tested only on emulators:

stuff by Lasse Öörni (Cadaver)

  • NES Sound Test Music code. Plays the Goldrunner song.
  • NES Scrolling Test Multidirectional scrolling test program, also detects PAL/NTSC. Uses MMC1 mapper + one screen mirroring. Player 1´s controller adjusts scrolling (and A or B buttons stop scrolling).

stuff by Chris Covell


  • FDS Disk Lister FDS program that lists disk contents.
  • FDS Test 2 FDS programs, one plays music from Ai Senshi Nicol by Konami while displaying the FDS Wave-RAM, the other is an FDS version of the Stars SE demo.
  • Sayoonara A nice demo, with something extra. Ripped music. No sources.
  • Super Fighter demo A 1-screen demo related to Super Fighter. Code by Chis Covell, music covered by Memblers (original by Young Soung Wing), and sound code by Bananmos.
  • Raster Bar demos Some raster demos.
  • Stretch demo A vertical scaling demo.
  • Full Screen demos 4 demos that show full-screen graphics with interlacing.
  • CMC'80s An excellent demo. The music isn't original, as it was ripped from the game "Magician".
  • Polar demos Some demos that rotate and expand sprites. Neat.
  • Motion Some demos that do low resolution full screen animation.
  • Wall A demo that shows transparency effects.
  • Wavy CMC logo with good scrolling effects and palette cycling.
  • Mega Man jet A picture of Megaman flying above some clouds.
  • Solar Wars A freeware Scorched Earth type of game. Code, graphics, and design by Chris Covell, music by Memblers, and sound code by Bananmos. Here is the source code.
  • Stars SE An intro with a Martin Galway tune done on the NES by Memblers. The sound code was written by Bananmos.
  • Amiga! logo
  • Atomic Shows a neat pic, and cycles through some palettes.
  • Palette test program
  • Game Genie decoder A useful program for converting GG codes to CPU and ROM hex values.
  • Interlacing demo 3 demos showing an interlacing effect, and one more shows dithering.
  • NESA player NESA (NES/Audio) is a logged audio format recorded by an emulator on Amiga called A/NES. Made mostly obsolete by the NSF format.
  • MacOS A demonstation of bitmapped graphics on NES.
  • Moby Shows the cover of Moby: Everything is Wrong in a neat (but buggy) pseudo-interlaced mode.
  • Colour test program Set the hue and luminance values and see the NES color.
  • Zelda title screen simulator

stuff by Tony Young

stuff by Ian Bell

  • Elite by Ian Bell and David Braben. There never was an NTSC release of this game, but later hack was released which allowed it to run on an emulator (with the right settings). Won't work on a real NES or accurate emulator. No sources. [site]
  • Tank Demo A demo of an unfinished tank game, using the pseudo-bitmap graphics engine from Elite. Download the source here

stuff by Morgan Johansson

  • Fade to Black by Fredrik Schultz and Morgan Johansson (authors of A/NES). It's a picture of Metallica with a nice rendition of 'Fade to Black'. No source code.
  • Sound testing program by Morgan Johansson. Test the sound registers.

stuff by Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux

  • Power Pad Test Program No source.
  • Snow Intro Code by Repulse, graphics by _Bnu, and music by Random, which was re-done for the NES by Memblers. The music code was written by Bananmos. No source.

stuff by Memblers


  • Munchie Attack Eat all the food that you can, while avoiding the deadly shuriken. Inspired by 'Fast Food' on the 2600 VCS. 2003 MiniGame Compo entry (4KB category), placed 26th of 37.
  • Hot Seat Harry A 1023 byte game for one or two players. Press the A button as fast you can to shock your opponent. [homepage] Released at 2002 MiniGame Compo. Finished 52nd out of 62. No source.
  • Dropoff 7 The story of Dropoff 7, played through the NES's Delta-modulation channel.
  • Halloween Intro A small program for Halloween. Doesn't do much. Code/graphics/music by Memblers, sound code by Bananmos.
  • RTC A demo entered into the Y2Kode programming competition, recieved 2nd place out of 6 entries. This version is buggy and not recommended for a real NES.
  • NES Test Program v1.3 Write to any register/RAM location with this program.
  • Visual Player Shows some sprites to go along with the Silver Surfer NSF rip, with music by Tim and Geoff Follin.
  • Visual Player Source Source code for the program. Can be modified to work with other NSF rips. Send me an email if you're interested in a newer, enhanced version of this.

stuff by Blargg

All demos tested on NTSC frontloader NES using UNROM-equivalent devcart, and include full ca65-compatible source code.

ROM hacks


  • Tile Layer : a program on your PC to make it easier to modify graphics on roms.
  • YY-CHR : another tile editor that has more features than Tile Layer. It was recently ported to C++ as v0.99
  • make_sram : a program written in Python to create PowerPak save files for all NES ROMs in a folder or on a CF card
  • ADOS NES : an operating system project