Need any help getting things solved? Made some nice utilities that'll help on NT2 music development? Have a really cool *.NED tune you want published in *.NSF format? Don't be shy! Email us your inquiries & love, and we'll try our best to set you up nicely! Better yet, you can post your concerns at our music forums, and the musical public can hopefully remedy all your problems!

Keep in mind that Nerdtracker II is a discontinued program, so please don't expect to get a simplehanded solution, moreorless expect ANY bugfixes to the program. Just don't try to bother us too much on THOSE subjects -- although we'll be more than willing to listen to any workaround you may find.


The creator of NT2! Show your undying love to him by sending your feedback & appreciation! Remember that NT2 is discontinued, so don't try to bug him for any new versions. Program issues should be directed to Memblers & Chibi-Tech instead.

Old-skool ascii, at its finest.

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The co-creator of NT2, as well as the original NSF glam artist! No technical support can be provided by him either, but please be sure to send him something nice as gratitude for his role in the creation of NT2! Be sure to also check out his homepage for more tracked goodness!


The writer of the official NT2 documentation, as well as the creator of MANY great & experimental NED tunes! If you have any questions concerning the technical innards of the program / replay code, or simply want any of your NED's published into NSF format, feel free to contact him! (remember to include song info when submitting NED's, such as Title, Author, Year/Copyright, etc...)

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The webmaster who maintains the upkeep of this site, and the maker of a few NES tunes as well. If you have any questions regarding the website, have any new NT2 utilities worth adding, or need any basic tracking hints & tricks, please don't hesitate to contact me!

The alternative NT2 support crew!