Nerdtracker II (or NT2 for short) is a MS-DOS based music creation program by Michel Iwaniec (Bananmos), designed exclusively to create 2A03 PSG tunes -- aka Nintendo NES / Famicom music.

NT2 is based off a "tracker" layout -- where you input your music on tracks & patterns... in the form of hex commands as well as notes. So if you used tracker programs such as Sound/Noise/Protracker, Fasttracker, Screamtracker, or even Impulsetracker, this program's layout will feel quite familiar for you once you get used to the fact you're composing with actual chip sounds rather than samples.

Its technical features are vast -- sporting a real-time / decently accurate 2A03 internal playback engine, a healthy tracker command set, low-level instrument editing (i.e. duty-cycle "timbre" adjustments, volume/pitch slides, auto-arpeggios, looped noises...), and even DPCM sampled sound support & mapping.

Better yet, with the NT2 sound replay code, you have the ability to compile your masterpieces into actual NES' 6502 code, expanding cool possibilities such as including your music in your own *.NES game or demo, making your own *.NSF sound file to spread around, or even playing your tune in an actual NES system.

Best of all: Nerdtracker II is Giftware! You're entitled to use NT2 & its replay code freely for any non-commercial usage. All we ask in return is to send Bananmos something nice to show your support & gratitude for his creation.

Despite all its great technical features, composing music with NT2 is certainly NOT for the faint of heart. NT2, at its current state, is geared towards the composer who knows exactly what (s)he's doing in its specialized environment. So there's no extra ammonities, such as a graphical mouse-driven GUI, cut & paste commands, nor even a REAL file requestor. Also, keep in mind that this program is now DISCONTINUED -- there will, unfortunately, be no further official updates to the program.

But despite the lack of further official support & slightly steeper learning curve (compared to other trackers), NT2 can prove to be a VERY valuable "low-level" type music tracker if you're willing to learn its useful features & overcome its deficiencies. In little time, you'll be able to create your own cool little Mario-like jingle to jive with. And with a little patience, you can make some really amazing-sounding NES tunes once its power is harnessed, moreso than just your typical "blips-n'-bleeps" that you might come to expect.