~ :: nerdtracker ii files :: ~

- NerdTracker 2 SDL port
(original by Bananmos, ported by thefox, also includes code by blargg and Anders_A, 718KB, ZIP, last update: October 8th, 2010)
This version is more compatible with modern systems.

- Nerdtracker II v2.1 FINAL BETA
(By Bananmos, 106KB, ZIP, last update: September 1, 1999)
Binary only, includes latest official NT2 documentation, & a few example NED tunes.

- Official Nerdtracker II documentation
(By Memblers, 27KB, TXT, last update: December 20, 2002)

- Nerdtracker II ASM Replay Code (Replay 22, CA65 version)
(By Bananmos, ported to CA65 by Memblers, 174KB, ZIP, last update: December 16, 2003)
For use with the CA65 assembler (included). Also includes a makensf.bat batch file to easily compile your *.DAT file(s) into an *.NSF. For reference, the old X816 assembler version can also be found
here, but be aware the compiler is highly incompatible with newer operating systems, and therefore not supported anymore.

~ :: ned music files :: ~

The NED music files now have their own section.
Click here to download some cool *.NED examples!
(Last update: February 04, 2004)

~ :: dpcm sample conversion utilities :: ~

- "1TO8BIT.EXE / 8TO1BIT.EXE" sample converter
(By Bananmos, 37KB, ZIP, last update: May 7, 1999)
Binary only, converts between 8-bit unsigned PCM data to 1-bit DPCM data, requires

- "81.EXE" sample converter
(By Damian Yerrick, 36KB, ZIP, last update: June 20, 2000)
Includes source, same as above program (sans 1 to 8-bit converter), but also includes an option to scale the sample's volume, as well as an oversampling option.

~ :: nsf utilities :: ~

- NSF Tool v1.1
(By Dan Saeden, 29KB, ZIP, last update: November 14, 2000)
Binary only, very useful for editing song information inside NSF files. Requires
Microsoft Visual Basic runtime files v6.

~ :: misc relevant info :: ~

- Reverse Engineering of the NED File Format
(By Damian Yerrick, 19KB, ZIP, last update: January 2, 2001)
Includes source, a disassembly of the music file format NT2 uses.

- NES Sound Channel Guide
(By Brad Taylor, 25KB, TXT, last update: February 19, 2003)
Very useful if you're going to get down to the nitty gritty of the NES 2A03's PSG audio output.

- Delta Modulation Channel Tutorial v1.0
(By Brad Taylor, 10KB, TXT, last update: August 20, 2000)
The full detail of the NES' DPCM sample playback capabilities.