~ :: nes / famicom music linkage :: ~

"NesDev (The sounds of the 2A03)"
by Memblers
The most comprehensive site for NES / Famicom information.

"The Best Game Music!!!! for MCK"
by Izumi
Using MML language, with support for extra sound chips, MCK serves as a great replacement / alternative to NT2.

by nullsleep & Snowrobot
Biggest collection of non-commercial NSF's, including material written from NT2 & MCK. All songs are pre-sorted neatly -- similar to the C=64 HVSC collection.

"MCK Development Chiptunes in 2ch"
by ???
A huge, ever-growing archive of Famicom songs made with MCK & released in 2-channel BBS, most with sources included.

"Zophar's Domain (NSF archive collection)"
An emulation site, featuring a large collection for NES game music rips.

~ :: technical documentation linkage :: ~

"NES Sound Emulation"
by Blargg
Detailed documentation & research concerning the NES' audio capabilities. A MUST-read if you plan to incorporate audio into your NES emulator.

~ :: tracker / general music linkage :: ~

"VORC - VGM or Chiptune News"
by Hally
A very thorough, up-to-date music news service regarding VGM's and Chiptune happenings.

"MAZ Sound Tools"
by Maz
Best download & informational source for all your general tracking & sampling needs.

~ :: nes musician homepage linkage :: ~

"The Legend of Nerds 'R' Us"
Ever wanted to know the roots of NT2? Here it is! An older version of Nerdtracker is also available -- strictly for memoriam, obviously.

"Dropoff 7"
by Memblers & Dr. Dildox
Homepage for Dropoff 7, the band of NES programming genius "Memblers". Has quite a few nice experimental NSF & NES-related songs to listen to.

"8-bit Peoples (nullsleep's homepage)"
by nullsleep
One of the most prominent NES chiptune artists, has a great selection of NSF's done with both NT2 and MCK.

"The Follin Drome"
By h0l & Vim
Fan-page of NES videogame composers, Tim & Geoff Follin.

"Virt's homepage - The Music of Jake Kaufman"
by Virt
Professional videogame composer, with heavy influences & tributes to NES music. Listen to his FX EP's for some great examples on how a NES tune should be done.

by Chibi-Tech
My own page, I may have some exclusive NSF's and other chiptune goodies here and there...