~ :: using the noise channel :: ~

The noise channel has a 4-bit frequency range, and that means it can produce only 16 unique tones. The tracker interface doesn't have an obvious way of letting you know what notes are what, but if you keep the following points in mind, you shouldn't have very much trouble using the noise channel. First, remember that the lowest noise frequency is the note C-0, and the highest frequency is D#1. Secondly, the tracker will play some noise when you put a note in; that sound is NOT the actual pitch. This problem is only on the noise channel. Play the song to hear how it actually should sound.

Noise emulation isn't very accurate in emulation. Especially the 'looped' (metallic) noise. At this time, the NSF player that seems closest in that aspect is Festalon for Winamp v2.xx.

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