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NT2's file format works in a very optimization-friendly way. Say you want to repeat the same note several times. E.g.:

Volume slide keeps going down by 2:

You can optimize the track instead like this:

It would sound the same*, and make the file smaller. You can also change the instrument number to do things like change the duty-cycle of a squarewave without affecting the frequency, which is great for being able to do duty-cycle or other instrument changes during note-slides and such.

* = Resetting the instrument in that way will not re-trigger a non-looped arpeggio. It also will not work if you have the Hold-Note setting disabled.

You can also save some space by removing the instrument numbers from the pattern in the triangle channel. Just make sure the first note in the pattern has an instrument set. Since that will not reset the volume, it won't work on the noise or square channels if you are using volume effects.

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