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A list of NES projects. Feel free to add to this list.

Creating articles for individual games and projects is discouraged. Please link to a thread or an official page instead. You may also create a wiki page in your User space to use as an official page.

If a project is in-progress, wait until it is finished before adding it. Otherwise you may use a forum thread, or a user-space page on this wiki to document your personal progress.

Many older projects were written for emulators of their time, and may not run correctly on modern emulators or real hardware.

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Game Date Author Genre Notes
2-in-1 Geminim/Siamond 2008-06-25 Sivak Puzzle 2 games based on Nim and Simon.
Alter Ego 2011-12-16 shiru Puzzle Puzzle game about a character that can swap places. Source code.
Attribute Zone 2014-02-13 zzo38 Puzzle Puzzle game involving Famicom PPU limiations. Source code.
Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril 2010-02-22 Sivak Platform Difficult jump-and-shoot platformer with open world exploration.
Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment 2012-12-05 Sivak Platform Difficult jump-and-shoot platformer with open world exploration.
BKG Graphics Test 2003-07-23 Beneficii Puzzle A simple maze, with map editor. Source code.
Bomber 4K 2003-09-11 RoboNes Action Perilously fly over 3 cities and destroy each one with bombs to win. 2003 MiniGame Compo entry (4KB category), 31st of 37. Source code.
BombSweeper 2002-04-01 SnowBro Action A clone of a Nintendo "Game & Watch" puzzle game of the same name.
BoxBoy 2003-09-25 Neil Tew Action Control 4 characters to arrange the boxes before they drop. 2003 MiniGame Compo (4KB category), 9th of 37. Source code.
Chase 2012-01-04 shiru Action Simple maze chase game as part of an NES C programming tutorial. Source code.
Chess 2002-04-07 Matrixz Puzzle Chess v0.0 beta. Use old emulator. Source code.
Concentration Room 2010-07-08 Damian Yerrick Puzzle Card matching game.
D-Pad Hero 2009-02-04 D-Pad Hero Team Rhythm A NES version of Guitar Hero by Kent Hansen (SnowBro) and Andreas Pedersen.
The Duel 1999-04-17 Bokudono Action A small game that pits Mario against a jumping goomba in a fight to the finish. Source code. (Comments are in spanish)
Escape from Pong 2003-09-10 Halley's Comet Software Action You play a ping pong ball trying to escape from 12 paddle and obstacle-filled levels. 2003 MiniGame Compo entry (1KB category), 12th of 26. Source code.
Elite 1997-08-10 Ian Bell Action 3D space flight game by Ian Bell and David Braben. There never was an NTSC release of this game, but later hack was released which allowed it to run on an emulator (with the right settings). Won't work on a real NES or accurate emulator. (ROM mirror)
Famicom Hangman 2012-09-30 zzo38 Puzzle Word guessing game. Source code.
Fighter F-8000 2008-03-10 Kalle Suikola Shooter Vertical airplane shooter. Texts in Finnish. Source code.
Froggy 2002-09-15 Rob Action A 1Kbyte Frogger clone. Released at 2002 MiniGame Compo. Finished 55th out of 62.
Galaxy Patrol 2003-07-16 Michael Martin Action Fly a plane to avoid obstacles and collect fuel. 2003 MiniGame Compo entry (4KB category), 36th of 37. Source code.
Galaxy Patrol Enhanced 2003-11-22 Michael Martin Action Fly a plane to avoid obstacles and collect fuel.
Haunted: Halloween '85 2016-10-30 Retrotainment Games Action Side scrolling beat-em-up.
Hot Seat Harry 2002-09-08 Memblers Action Press the A button as fast you can to shock your opponent. Released at 2002 MiniGame Compo. 1KB category. Finished 52nd out of 62.
JunkROM 1998-03-27 Tony Young Action Navigate a maze. Use old emulator. Source code.
Lan Master 2011-06-09 shiru Puzzle Routing puzzle game. Source code.
Lawn Mower 2011-06-30 shiru Action Lawn mowing game. Source code.
Manhole 2002-11-05 KZ-S Action LCD style game making sure a character has a place to walk. Program by KZ-S, Graphics by misaki, special thanks to Norix.
Masmix / Matrix 2002-07-22 Wojciech Andralojc Action Collect blocks and avoid swords. v0.6 beta. Code by Wojciech Andralojc, sprites by Kamil Chlodnicki, levels by Monika Subocz.
Mouser 1998-04-01 Tony Young Action Collect cheese as mouse speeds up. Use old emulator. Source code.
Munchie Attack 2003-09-28 Memblers Action Eat all the food that you can, while avoiding the deadly shuriken. Inspired by 'Fast Food' on the 2600 VCS. 2003 MiniGame Compo entry (4KB category), 26th of 37. Source code.
Mystic Pillars 2008-11-25 Sivak Puzzle Columns clone.
NESert Golfing 2019-01-31 rainwarrior Sports 2D golf game based on Desert Golfing. Source code.
Nomolos 2010-08-16 Gradual Games Platform Side scrolling platformer.
Nova the Squirrel 2018-06-03 NovaSquirrel Platform Platformer with puzzle elements. Source code.
Pong 2001-02-20 Paul Talbot Action Pong clone. Source code.
RHDE 2014-07-19 Damian Yerrick Action Fort building game inspired by Rampart.
Russian Roulette 2014-08-17 Damian Yerrick Chance A game using the Zapper's trigger. Source code.
Sack of Flour, Heart of Gold 2003-02-19 Bob Rost Platform Version 1d by Bob Rost, Matt Longnecker, Andrew Klein, Mark Hall, Mike Raisman, and Mark Stehlik.
Sokoban 2000-11-07 Johannes Holmberg Puzzle Port of Sokoban for NES. Use old emulator.
Solar Wars 2001-04-19 Chris Covell Strategy A freeware Scorched Earth type of game. Code, graphics, and design by Chris Covell, music by Memblers, and sound code by Bananmos. Source code.
Super Bat Puncher 2011-05-31 Morphcat Games Platform Platformer with multi-directional scrolling.
Super NeSnake 2 2008-05-31 MatrixZ Action Nibbles clone.
Super PakPak 2010-07-28 fuzb Action Spacewar!/Thrust/Gravity force style game.
Thwaite 2011-12-08 Damian Yerrick Action Missile Command style game. Source code.
ZapPing 2011-09-18 Damian Yerrick Action A table tennis game for one or two players using two zappers. Part of Zap Ruder test ROM. Source code.
Zooming Secretary 2011-12-29 shiru Action Move around the office space trying to answer phones and deliver information quickly. Source code.
Zero Pong 2001-03-29 Zero-Soul Action Pong with double-sided paddles. v3.0 by Zero-Soul. Source code.


  • Action 53 - NESDev homebrew compilation series
  • Minigame 2003 compo multicart. Compilation/menu by Memblers, music covered from C64 Wizardry, sound code by Bananmos, FilePack code by Mickael Pointier. Games: BoxBoy, Escape from Pong, Munchie Attack, Bomber 4k, Galaxy Patrol (2003-11-21)

Unfinished Projects

These games were under development for some time, but may have been abandoned.

Game Last Update Author Genre Notes
Apex 2013-10-15 Retrometheus Platform Side-scrolling adventure/exploration game.
Elemental Solitaire 2012-09-14 zzo38 Puzzle Card game.
Fire Below/Stars Above 2011-04-07 Cartlemmy Platform Platform puzzle adventure.
Mega Man 9 proof of concept 2010-06-16 Banshaku Platform Mega Man 9 NES port.
President 2012-08-23 Damian Yerrick Platform Super Mario Bros. style side-scroller engine.
Project P 2011-06-03 Miau Platform
Ramses Game 2011-01-09 MetalSlime Action Based on Dragon Quest 5 minigame Slime Smack.


Demo Date Author Type Notes
Game Genie 1990-05-08 Codemasters Tool A dump of the ROM used in the Game Genie. Galoob has kindly given permission for free distribution.
Tank Demo 1992-01-30 Ian Bell Graphics A demo of an unfinished 3D tank game, using the pseudo-bitmap graphics engine from Elite. Source and information here.
Colour bar program 1998-10-03 Mark Knibbs Graphics Displays color bars. Source code.
Palette Test 1999-03-18 Loopy Graphics Displays all the colors on the screen at once. NESASM source code.
Scroll demo 1999-12-15 HollowOne11 Graphics Horizontal scrolling demo. Dissassembled and modified from Ultima 2. Use old emulator. Source code.
Jumpy demo 2001-09-23 'Rwin Simple A jumping sprite demo. NESASM source code.
Overtest 2001-10-19 Alastair Bridgewater Test Tests the CPU's overflow flag. Source code.
Diffusion Chamber 2002-04-16 Michael Martin Graphics Simulation of gas diffusion. P65 source code.
NEStress 2002-07-31 Flubba Test NES emulator test demo. Source code.
TANESPOT 2003-01-27 Jonathan Liss Multimedia "A Tribute to All NES Players Out There", PAL NES demo (Swedish), placed 3rd of 4 in the Oldskool demo category of Dreamhack 2002.
Raster Demo 2003-02-18 Norix Graphics Spinning VirtuaNES logo raster effect with falling leaves.
NESmas 2003-11-29 Mic Multimedia A small christmas greeting demo with music. Use old emulator. Source code.
NES Scrolling Test 2004-01-09 Lasse Öörni (Cadaver) Graphics Multidirectional scrolling test program, also detects PAL/NTSC. Uses MMC1 mapper + one screen mirroring. Source code.
Deadline Console 2004 2004-05-10 Opius, Nullsleep Multimedia Invitation intro with animation and music. deadline
GrayBox 2008-07-09 Sean Kelly Unknown Tribute to NES' 25th birthday. (thread, video)
Deadfish 2013-06-08 zzo38 Tool Deadfish programming language interpreter, for Family BASIC Keyboard. Source code.
Zelda title screen simulator 1998-07-23 Chris Covell Graphics Duplicates The Legend of Zelda title screen. Source code.
Amiga! logo 1998-07-23 Chris Covell Graphics Displays the Amiga logo. Source code.
Colour test program 1998-07-23 Chris Covell Test Set the hue and luminance values and see the NES color. Source code.
Palette test program 1998-07-23 Chris Covell Test Palette test. Source code.
Game Genie decoder 1998-07-25 Chris Covell Simple A useful program for converting GG codes to CPU and ROM hex values. Source code.
Interlacing demo 1998-08-02 Chris Covell Graphics 3 demos showing effects with alternating frames, and one more shows dithering. Source code.
MacOS 1999-04-16 Chris Covell Graphics A demonsrtation of bitmapped graphics on NES (an image that looks like a Mac OS desktop). Source code.
Atomic 1999-04-19 Chris Covell Graphics Shows a neat pic, and cycles through some palettes. Source code.
Moby 1999-04-22 Chris Covell Graphics Shows the cover of Moby: Everything is Wrong in a buggy alternating-frames mode. Source code.
Stars SE 1999-07-05 Chris Covell Multimedia An intro with a Martin Galway tune done on the NES by Memblers. The sound code was written by Bananmos. Source code.
Wavy 1999-10-16 Chris Covell Graphics CMC logo with scrolling effects and palette cycling. Source code.
Wall 1999-10-21 Chris Covell Graphics A demo that shows a wall with transparent water and ripples. Source code.
Mega Man jet 1999-11-19 Chris Covell Graphics A picture of Megaman flying above some clouds with palette animation. Source code.
Polar demos 2000-04-03 Chris Covell Graphics Some demos that rotate and expand sprites. Source code.
CMC'80s 2000-06-14 Chris Covell Multimedia Animated demo. The music isn't original, as it was ripped from the game "Magician".
Full Screen demos 2000-07-12 Chris Covell Graphics 4 demos that show full-screen graphics blending alternate frames for increased color depth. Source code.
Super Fighter demo 2000-09-04 Chris Covell Multimedia A 1-screen demo related to Super Fighter. Code by Chis Covell, music covered by Memblers (original by Young Soung Wing), and sound code by Bananmos.
Motion 2001-01-15 Chris Covell Graphics Some demos that do low resolution full screen animation. Source code.
Stretch demo 2001-04-03 Chris Covell Graphics A vertical scaling demo showing waving graphics. Source code.
Raster Bar demos 2001-04-11 Chris Covell Graphics Some raster demos showing waving graphics. Source code.
Sayoonara 2001-10-12 Chris Covell Multimedia A nice demo, with "something extra". Ripped music.
FDS Test 2002-10-23 Chris Covell Multimedia 2 FDS programs, a music player displaying the FDS Wave-RAM, and an FDS port of the Stars SE demo.
FDS Disk Lister 2002-11-05 Chris Covell Test FDS program that lists its own disk contents. Source code.
Snow Intro 1999-06-06 Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux Multimedia Code by Repulse (Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux), graphics by _Bnu, and music by Random, which was re-done for the NES by Memblers. The music code was written by Bananmos.
Power Pad Test Program 1999-10-14 Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux Test Power Pad test program. No source.
Halloween Intro 1999-10-31 Memblers Multimedia A small program for Halloween. Doesn't do much. Code/graphics/music by Memblers, sound code by Bananmos.
NES Test Program v1.3 1999-11-29 Memblers Test Write to any register/RAM location with this program.
RTC 2001-02-28 Memblers Multimedia A demo entered into the Y2Kode programming competition, recieved 2nd place out of 6 entries. This version is buggy and not recommended for a real NES.
Megaman X Sprite 2000-05-27 abonetochew Graphics Displays a Megaman sprite from the SNES game, Megaman X. Kinda buggy. Source code.
Blocks 2002-06-30 abonetochew Graphics Displays the Super Mario Bros. 1-1 background with scrolling. Source code.
Bill World 2002-09-08 abonetochew Graphics Displays a level background for a game. Source code.
Sprite 0 test 2000-06-12 Damian Yerrick Test A "sprite 0 hit" compatability test for emulators. Source code.
GNOME vs. KDE 2000-07-08 Damian Yerrick Multimedia An unfinished 2-player Bingo style game. Music by Tony Young covered by Damian Yerrick, sound code by Bananmos. Source code.
Who's Cuter? 2000-08-14 Damian Yerrick Graphics "Take the survey and report the results." A slideshow of graphics. Source code.
Tall Pixel 2009-12-09 Damian Yerrick Graphics Stretches a still background image to 150% of its vertical size. Source code.
DPCM Split 2010-06-22 Damian Yerrick Graphics Shows how to abuse APU DMC timers to create a more-or-less reliable scroll split. Source code.
DPCM Letterbox 2010-08-16 Damian Yerrick Graphics Uses APU DMC timers that hides the background outside a 256x160 pixel window, uses NMI thread for ease of use. Source code.
Password save demo 2010-07-20 Damian Yerrick Simple Allows the NES to remember 32 bits of a game's state across a power cycle. Source code.
Sprite Cans 2011 2011-04-23 Damian Yerrick Multimedia A demo that displays 64 rotating soda cans. Music by Ray Lynch covered by Damian Yerrick. Source code.
Zap Ruder 2011-09-18 Damian Yerrick Test Demonstrates how to read the Zapper's photosensor. It includes several still test patterns and ZapPing game. Source code.
Eighty 2014-04-25 Damian Yerrick Test Test program for the Four Score, including signature detection and compensation for DMC DMA bit deletions. Source code.
little things 2022-10-17 Damian Yerrick Compilation A collection of Damian Yerrick's early and one-off NES works. Source code.
Boing 2001-02-18 Mankeli (HNO3) Graphics Sprites animating with a curved path. Source code.
City 2001-05-08 Mankeli (HNO3), Zonzki Multimedia City background demo with music and animated text. Sound engine by Bananmos.
GITS 2002-01-20 Sergey Ryumik Test Television quality test program. Also available: Russian version with extended information.
GITS2 2002-10-06 Sergey Ryumik Test PAL TV test program.
demo 2002-10-07 Siudym Graphics Displays peace symbol. Made with a hex editor.
Commando 2008-10-07 Siudym Simple Movable sprite.
Scanline.NES 2003-06-13 Quietust Test Original version of a test of emulator PPU accuracy (note that in this version, the final test's text should NOT be readable). Updated version: here.
The Tao of 007 2004-06-29 Quietust Multimedia "Official game of the defunct Project: Sachen." Graphical demo with random voice samples. Source code.
SMW Stomper 2004-07-04 Quietust Graphics A demonstration of mid-frame vertical scroll adjustment, showing the Super Mario World castle "stomper". Source code.
Copper Bars 2004-07-05 Quietust Graphics Copper bars demo. Source code.
ppu_off_colors2 2005-07-14 Blargg Graphics Displays horizontal and vertical rainbow palette effects with PPU rendering disabled. Source code.
Full palette demo 2006-03-11 Blargg Graphics Displays entire 400+ color NES palette with minimal pixel glitches. Source code. (thread)

Music and Sound


Music albums in NES ROM form.

Album Date Author Notes
Years Behind 2003-08-30 Retrocoders This music rom features covers and original music. Compatible with PAL NES only.
Vegavox (ROM unavailable) 2007-05-23 NO CARRIER, Alex Mauer Forum thread.
Vegavox II (ROM unavailable) 2009-05-17 NO CARRIER, Alex Mauer
Embered Recollections 2009-06-02 Heosphoros, miau, KeFF
Teletime 2010-01-07 NO CARRIER, Animal Style Bandcamp page.
MOON8 2012-07-20 rainwarrior Cover of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.
NOFX Cover Cart Vol. 1 2012-09-25 HeavyW8bit thread.
DENDYcompo II 2014-02-09 8081netlabel, Rubel thread.

Sound Demos

Sound and music demos, tools and toys.

ROM Date Author Notes
cajoNES 2013-03-12 Neil Baldwin NES drum machine with random generation options.
DMC-Based Saw Waves 2003-12-07 Blargg Using DPCM samples and IRQ to generate a saw wave channel. Source code.
Dropoff 7 2000-08-15 Memblers The story of Dropoff 7, played through the NES's Delta-modulation channel.
GZS 2002-09-16 Sergey Ryumik Generator of sound signals.
Fade to Black 1998-06-13 Fredrik Schultz, Morgan Johansson It's a picture of Metallica with a cover of 'Fade to Black'. By authors of A/NES.
Linus 1999-03-22 Kevin Horton Prototype demonstration of NSF music format.
NES Sound Test 2000-04-27 Lasse Öörni (Cadaver) Music code. Plays the Goldrunner song.
NESA player 1998-09-01 Chris Covell Audio ripping format demonstration. NESA (NES/Audio) is a logged audio format recorded by an emulator on Amiga called A/NES. Made mostly obsolete by the NSF format.
NTRQ 2011-05-14 Neil Baldwin NES native music tracker.
Paranoiz 2005-03-12 nurv A noise channel editor.
PR8 2012-02-06 Neil Baldwin NES drum machine.
Pulsar 2012-12-10 Neil Baldwin NES native music tracker in LSDJ style.
Sound testing program 1999-01-02 SnowBro It lets you toggle the bits of the sound registers. Source code.
SMMM 2012-09-20 Neil Baldwin Super Magic Music Maker, music generation toy.
Visual Player 1999-10-19 Memblers Shows some sprites to go along with the Silver Surfer NSF rip, with music by Tim and Geoff Follin. Source code. (Author may have newer version?)